The battle of Lexington andConcord By violet Rankin

What: For the purpose of raising and supporting a Rebellion against his majesty. The British soldiers were not planning to attack. Colonist were talking and they said British fired first. This was the first fight in Concord. One of the British soldiers says they were armed but they did not shot until the colonist fired at the British soldiers.

When: April 19th 1775.

Where: Lexington green, North Bridge and Concord Militia in Boston.

Who:Untrained Militia,Redcoats, British soldiers, British Officers, Rebels, Minutemen and colonists.

Why: There is a conflict between colonists and British soldiers. The colonist fired at the British soldiers because they were yelling and marching. One of the British Officer was yelling at the colonist to throw down their guns and they called the colonist villains and rebels.

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