Drawing + Painting Faustina sZalewski

Charcoal has been a definite challenge for me. I was sort of shoved out of my comfort zone this semester. My Longo project might look messed up because of the face, but it certainly helped me. My main focus having smooth gradations and realistic values, and I'm not disappointed. I always brushed people off when they said charcoal is an acquired skill, but this project changed my mind.

Group projects seem to be useless obstacles to me, but I don't think I could've made my GIF nearly as well on my own. I had the idea of spinning in the rain (which I would've done on my own), but my group pointed out that we would need to take photos in the rain, and THEN select all the individual raindrops. I was kind of bummed out but they suggested we integrate my idea of rain in the background. We also came up with the idea of using the umbrella as a prop to make the silhouette more interesting and tie it in with the rainy background. This was neat, because it made the entire project better. I didn't think I could be swayed, but my group really impressed me.

Without a doubt I learned the most from the color manipulation project. I had no idea this existed at all. This was interesting too, because I heard what everyone had to say about other people's work and what they saw (it's kind of individual). The main thing I learned is to stop and look for change in color and how color is relative to its surroundings.

I am most proud of my silk painting frisbee. I think I did pretty well on the color scheme considering I was unsure of how the colors would look when dry. On top of that, silk if very flowy, which is usually what I go for. I mostly use acrylic, and it doesn't spread very easily. I even considered asking for silk painting supplies for Christmas.

I've been improving with the creative process, but I definitely have a long way to go. My watercolor project wasn't the best, but it reminds me that I have some room for improvement. In particular, I want to gain more problem solving hacks.

Second semester involved a lot of exploring, so I was sort of forced to learn to problem solve. In my acrylic project, the grass was supposed to be murky and I spent an entire week experimenting with that. I'd say I'm proud of how I've learned to cope with my mistakes. But I am stilling learning and know the importance of planning ahead.

Pretty much all of second semester I was waiting to do oil and I think it was worth the hype. With acrylic I didn't have enough time to mix paints or couldn't get the same color the next day. With oil I can control how long it lasts and just the eight shade it should be, ultimately making it my most successful medium.

The oil over acrylic project challenged my creative process most of all. I had to make a detailed sketch and understand each of the mediums I used. It might not have turned out very good, but that doesn't mean it reflects how much I learned.

However, this is my favorite for composition. I love you cannot tell what my object is, I think it adds interest. I took Hal Holoun's advice into account and didn't have my focal point dead center. This attributed a lot to my composition.

My favorite project was silk. Again, you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it, but I learned a lot. It forced me to think ahead, particularly with color theory and time management. It was favorite project and I hope to do it again someday.

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