Jennie Paxton Drawing & Painting 1

Contour Painting

Hallway Drawing

Very First Portrait Drawing

Final Portrait Drawing

Questions & Responses

1. I see the most growth in the proportions of my face because at first, I just drew instead of measuring where my features should go. I also see growth in shading to add depth and shape, in my first photo I didn't add much shade, so I greatly improved. I am most surprised that I could draw as well as I did, it took work but in the end the drawing resembled me.

2. When looking at my final, I still think that I need to improve on my shading a bit more to give the drawing more of a shape and to make the drawing look like me more. I would also like to improve on the lips a bit more, because I can definitely improve on drawing them.

3. When I look at both drawings, I am incredibly proud of how far I have come with my drawing skills. From watching the youtube videos and watching Mrs. Wong, I have learned so much in so little time. I have been able to take something simple and expand it into something great.

Final Project

Final Reflection Answers

1. I see the most artistic growth in my ability to add tones and textures to my artwork, and also to be able to draw a self portrait and make it look realistic with the correct proportions.

2. I still struggle with painting, on how to mix the colors correctly or get the right thickness/lightness that i’m looking for. I also struggle a bit with steadily painting and making my art look neat and tidy.

3. Something that has been the most helpful has to be how Mrs. Wong will demonstrate how to do certain things with our art, and how she has the “workshops” to give us direction on how to complete a piece of art in the right way. It helps me to gain un understanding on where to start.

4. I wish that we had gotten time to do the other project, because I think it would have been fun and we could have been creative with it!

Overall, I loved this class and I wish that I can take it again this semester.

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