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There is no doubt that marketing is part of everybody’s life, either directly or indirectly there is not even a single service sector that is not involved in marketing. It’s always there and it will always be; just the forms and communication strategies will change.Digital is the current trend of marketing, and so far it has been proved as the most effective marketing form. It has created revolution in marketing and almost all the segments of management, business, branding, personalization, and all other services are satisfied and happy to use it. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook have given the biggest contribution in bringing the era of digital marketing.

There is some segmentation that in some forms contributes each other and combined known as digital marketing.

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1.Search Engine Optimization

SEO consists hundreds of factors for both on-page and off-page. Like keyword research and optimization, image optimization, blogging, link building and many other techniques. When these techniques and protocols are followed consistently, Google notices this and gives your website priority in search engine ranking. The algorithms of search engines often update to rectify the black hat practices. So for being search engine lovable, marketers always need to follow the guidelines of search engine algorithms.

2.Search Engine Marketing

To get instant results within days and weeks, Search Engine Marketing is considered as the most productive strategy in digital marketing. Through SEM a marketer creates advertisements based on selected keywords. When the ad is live, it gets displays below the search engine bar with a small ‘AD’ icon. For every click an advertiser needs pay certain amount to search engine. Google Ad-words is the best SEM tool and has changed life of many businesses in short span of time.

3.Social Media Optimization

Social media platforms made it easy to reach people in short duration with minimal amount spending. All I can say if you know how to optimize these channels for promotions, your business will become famous in some days with thousands and lakhs of followers, and chances of conversions and sales will be increased.

4.Social Media Marketing

SMM is about creating effective advertisements and sell through social media or fetch customers out of it. Social medias like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have inbuilt marketing platforms to allow business to market on social media and promote their services. If used effectively, these platforms can generate immense revenue in short span of time.

5.Content marketing

It is the hottest trend of digital marketing. The process of marketing any content effectively is known as content marketing. The content could be anything – an image, a video, a case study, infographic, etc. The main motive of implementing content marketing strategy is to create such a content which appeals and attracts the user, and clears all the clouds for the users to become a lead and then customer.

6.Lead Generation

Lead generation is not a magic, it’s a marketing science and could be done by a great marketer only. There are many channels which lets you generate leads. Search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo; social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter are biggest source where a business can find leads and nurture them to become loyal customers. Email and SMS marketing are also a great source to get leads. Lead generation is the art of finding customers for a well-deserved business.

7.Email & SMS Marketing

Email marketing is really effective marketing and lead generation method in short span of time. Emails take maximum half-an hour to reach a user’s email inbox. Emails can directly highlight the latest product or service offers that can attract the target prospect. Email marketing is generally done for promotion of new upcoming service, product or content.

SMS marketing is also like email marketing just the difference is it is lightning fast and does not depends on internet to be received by people. In fact SMS’s have the highest opening rate than any other marketing channel. Email and SMS marketing are the best category of digital marketing when it comes to lead generation.


Digital marketing services cover all the aspects of marketing and are cost effective; generates multiple times more revenue than traditional marketing. It has reduced a lot of work burden and everything is getting documented properly. Since the usage of digital devices like mobile and tablets is increasing day by day, digital marketing more and more effective in getting accurate data and generating more revenue. Digital marketing is the future.

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