Ocean Escape By: clay cowart

GAME DESCRIPTION: In the game Ocean Escape, you are a fish that is trying to keep up with your much faster fish friend. The game is based on a maze that is ruled on avoiding obstacles such as fire coral and lionfish. Throughout each level you start at an initial position. If you touch the obstacles you are reseted to that initial position of that level.

GOAL: The objective of the Ocean Escape is to complete the maze without making contact with reset boundaries. There are two types of play involved in Ocean Escape - Skill-based play: The game requires hand eye coordination. As you play the game you and become more familiar with how to control the character. Experience-based play: The game is supposed to give you a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction throughout completing each level.

INSPIRATION: Clay Cowart was motivated to create the game Ocean Escape due to his love for the ocean combined with a required assignment in his game design class. The game began as a maze, and slowly developed into an underwater reef full obstacles.

3D print models for the main character and the enemy lionfish.


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