Ablo abby ashton and lolo Galindo

For anyone who likes to harmonize with nature, and is a true adventurer.

Our mission is to explore and protect the world around us.

Our community is located on the rocky mountains, grassy fields, and on the sandy lake shores.

Life is an adventure, there is no wrong path.

Our government is a democracy so our expansive lands will never be under a dictatorship. we appoint all of our leaders by voting in what we as a people believe in.

we take into accountability every citizen's safety as they adventure. When you leave to adventure always bring your SOS in case of an emergency

our seal is the dove with the roman symbol of freedom because we believe that you can't have your own adventure without your individual freedom. Our county is the embodiment of freedom.

Adventure is out there

eat, sleep, adventure, repeat.

daily schedule for a member of Ablo

  • 7:00 Wake up
  • 8:00-11:00 school
  • 11:00-1:00 lunch and break
  • 1:00-4:00 adventure
  • 4:00-5:00 wash up and break
  • 5:00-6:00 dinner
  • 6:00-8:00 adventure
  • 8:00-9:00 wash up and prepare for bed
  • 9:00 retire to bed


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