John (Jack) Watson My Personal Brand

My Journey

My journey to get where I am today has been a long one, but nonetheless a process I have enjoyed and grown through. I started college in 2010 at The University of Louisville, and I was not prepared. I did not do the work required of me and I was very bad at attending class. After just a few short years their I met the consequences of my poor decisions and was put on suspension. I took a year off from school and started working full time as a server at Rafferty's. I learned a lot about myself in that time. I learned That I need to get back in school and I need to give it the effort it deserves or all of the money I had invested in my education would essentially be a waste. Working as a server is a lot harder than you might think and it helped me develop a strong work ethic. I went back to school but I went to Jefferson Community College and finished up my gen-eds. After making the dean's list in consecutive semesters I transferred back to UofL and now I am a graduate. Through my journey I realized how important it is to work hard but how important it is to have a drive. I am motivated to succeed because I know what it is like to fail and I never want to put my self in that position again.

Who I am

I come from a large family, I am the youngest of 5 siblings. I have lived in Louisville, Ky for almost my entire life (aside from 4 short years in Dayton, Oh.). I grew up playing all of the popular sports but I found a love for basketball and golf. Today these are two of my biggest hobbies. I follow all sports almost religiously and have a knack for knowing random facts and random trivia. I pride myself on being a hard worker and never missing a day of work.

My Future

I am a Communication major. I have studied a lot in the strategic communication field and this is something that I would enjoy working on in the future. I have a strong writing skill set that includes being able to write in many different styles and environments. I want to work in either marketing or sales, but I also would bring a lot to the table in public relations. I am working as an intern now doing marketing for a small non-profit organization. I am very creative and would bring a very unique style to any organization.

Thanks for checking out my bio!!

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