Making exercise a routine

Hiking at Table Rock

Date--------- Exercise

2/4/2017----- Basketball-2hrs

2/5/2017----- Basketball-1hr

2/9/2017----- Basketball-1hr

2/11/2017---- Soccer-1hr



2/18/2017----- Soccer-2hrs

2/19/2017----- Rockclimbing-1hr

Playing as the goalie
Jersey for Rec Basketball

Summary of Exercising

For this learning objective, I wanted to see how my exercise habit could change for the better, and see how it impacted other aspects of my life. To do this I set aside several times to try to exercise more regularly, and additionally agreed to go do physical activity with my friends more often when they asked. Over this two week period I was able to exercise eight times, which was more than I did almost at all last semester. I didn't do as many shorter times at shorter intervals, but went for longer more strenuous activities over a long period of time. One of the takeaways that I got from this is that in the future I will try to improve on doing more workouts that may not be as physically demanding. Overall I didn't feel like there was too much of a change in my energy levels or attitude. I think that I was able to focus more and for a longer period of time however. I also believe that continuing to exercise will lead to me having more energy, and sleeping better. This experiment has helped me form a routine to follow, and pushed me to join a rec league basketball team to ensure that I will continue exercising once the experiment is over.

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