IUF1000 Spark Story By Francesca Reicherter

Spatial Experience: When I entered the building, I felt confused because the place was so big. When I entered the theater, I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of the stage. I had never been to a theater before this, so I wasn't sure what to expect. When the lights dimmed and the audience got silent, I felt excited and eager to see the play. In the Good Life, the space we occupy determines our limits and our comfort. In different settings, we are willing to push ourselves further to be someone else and do something new.

Me entering the Constance Theater

Social Experience: I attended the play alone, because I had to work when my friends went. I sat in the second row between two strangers. one of the, turned out to be really friendly and we talked at intermission and after the play ended. In the Good Life, shared experiences help us to enjoy the present time and and relate to each other.

Me during intermission with playbill

Cultural and Intellectual Expereince: In the performance, a social issue shown was the Catholic Church disproving of the improper behavior of an actress. Before the play, I had no knowledge about The Divine or the issues presented in it. I think the issue of the woman's behavior relates to the behavior of many women today, and being judged by society for "adulterous" or just inappropriate behavior.

Me leaving the theater

The Emotional Experience: The Divine offers us with an opportunity for Katharine because the actress, Sara Bernhardt, has to face the Church's opposition against her and what she stands for in order to be happy with the role she plays. And, the priest has to come clean with his past in order to move on to his future.


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