My Trip Colby Vachon

Just had my first screening. #williqualify?

Went to my UNHCR interview to see if I'm eligible. #interviewssuck #fleeinghome

Passed my national security agency application. #notacriminal

Had and interview with homeland security. Took my fingerprints and ran them through the databases. #comingtoamerica?

Homeland security made a decision. I'm coming to America! #newhome

Off to my American culture class. #learntobeamerican

Just passed my medical screening. #healthylife

Had two more screenings. Almost can be in America. #almostthere

It's been three years and now I can finally come to America. #americabound

Arrived to America to a new family and new home. #newfamily #newlife

It's been one year since I've been in America. I have received my green card. #loveamerica

It's been five years since I've been in America, and I'm now and American citizen. #u.s.citizen

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