Collaborative/Interpersonal Skills Professor Interview

Part I: What questions will I ask my professor?

  1. What do you do in addition to teaching?
  2. Why did you decide this career/position?
  3. What was your major in college?
  4. What do you like best about your job?
  5. What do you do for fun? Hobbies?
  6. Are you where you thought you would be when you were in college?
  7. What general advice would you give college students?
  8. What are the most common mistakes that students make?
  9. What non-academic skill do you think is the most important for college students?
  10. What is the greatest non-academic skill that college students today lack?

Part II: The Interview

Since I only did an audio recording of the interview rather than a video, I uploaded the audio file to sound cloud. Click the button above to access it.

Part III: Reflection

I chose Ms. Taweh because I was very nervous about having to talk to a professor alone in their office hours about things that weren't related to my grades. Ms. Taweh is only a few years older than I am and she is a very laid back person so I didn't feel intimidated at all while talking with her, it was like talking to a mentor and I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Ms. Taweh is very vocal in her beliefs, but not in an overbearing way, so I was not surprised that she incorporated her values into her answers. For instance, she talked about how she was involved with an LGBTQ club in undergraduate school and how she thinks that it made her a more tolerant, well-rounded person. I learned that in order to be successful, you need to be experienced. She talked about how she felt that it is very important for students to get involved in not only extracurricular activities but also other cultures. Speaking with Ms. Taweh made it very clear that she really cares about her students and her residents. It made me realize that although it may seem like it sometimes, professors aren't 'out to get' their students at all and really want them to succeed. Overall, I am very glad to have done this experiment and I feel that next semester I will try to meet with all of my professors more often.

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