Design Process what's really INVOLVED?

Design is thinking made visual

In short the design process is the way we turn ideas in reality. There are 5 key steps to reaching your goal which include; investigating, generating, managing, producing and evaluating. This process is retrieved from FOOD FOR YOU Middle Secondary Book 2 (Lasslett, Collins & Perraton, 2015)


Investigating is a simple yet critical step in understanding your options and see whats out there. This includes identifying needs, asking questions and some research. It's a good idea to write all of your notes down in a journal to keep track of them all.


This is where you use your research to inform your ideas. Think outside the box and consider all options - brainstorming is a great tool. Check out this video on quick brainstorming techniques to help get ideas flowing.


Is all about listing the important details around your design and explain exactly how it will work. You can create posters, diagrams, costing sheets, recipe cards and a timeline on how you will achieve this. If you plan and manage your project well, it will ensure your production phase is smooth and well thought out.


This is the fun part! Now is when you can make your idea into reality, make sure you test and make prototypes of individual parts that may be tricky before putting the whole thing together.

Remember design thinking is an iterative (repetitive) process so its okay to make mistakes. It just means you can go back and do the process again to improve. Remember to follow each step as well as research, brainstorm, manage and produce a prototype.


Now that your products finished it's important to sit down and evaluate what went well and what didn't. Remember to suggest ways you can improve to make things better next time.

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