Egypt From an Ancient Superpower to a Fragile Nation, By: Ella Struble

The country of Egypt is located on Africa and is in the northern/western hemisphere.
The bordering countries of Egypt are Libya (left, purple) and Sudan (down, black). The seas that border Egypt are the Red Sea (right) and the Mediterranean Sea (up). The capital is the city of Cairo.
The coordinates of Cairo (Egypt's capital) is 30°N, 31°E.

Egypt is mostly in the temperate zone which means that there are four seasons and the temperature differs based on the season. Egypt is between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer.

The Nile and its mouth are located in Egypt. The Nile is the longest river in the world.

Lake Nasser is located in southern Egypt. It is one of the largest man made reservoirs in the world.

The Qattara depression is an area in northern Egypt that is below sea level.

Egypt has a very large population, ranking 15th in the world. The population density of Egypt is 226 people per square mile. To put that into perspective the US population density is 91 people per square mile. Egypt is a very fast growing country. Its fertility rate is 3.34 births per woman.
The five largest cities in Egypt are Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Shubra-El-Khana/El Qalabya, Port Said. Egypt is more urban than rural. More people are leaving Egypt than entering. This is because there is a lot of war in that area.

Egypt is a developing country. Egypt has a GDP per capita of 6,600 per year This number is almost half the world average. Egypt's life expectancy is 73.45 years. Most developed countries have a life expectancy of over 78 years. The literacy rate in Egypt is 73.9%. The US literacy rate is 99%.

The main languages spoken in Egypt are Arabic, French, and English. The most common religion practiced is Muslim and Christian. Woman in Egypt typically cover all body parts exept for their faces and hands. When woman approach a religious site they must cover all bare skin and remove their shoes. They where loose light gowns to their ankle. Men mostly where the kind of clothes we do. They often where t-shirts or polos and shorts. When men enter a rebellious site they cannot wear shorts.


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