Sisterhood Begins Lillian meets isabelle

There's a lot of talk about sisterhood these days. But when and where does sisterhood begin?

I venture to say it begins with something as simple as recognizing another person much like yourself, and yet different in their own way. Someone who may not yet be able to do all the things you can, who has not yet mastered all your big girl skills, or gained your experience in the world. And yet there is a bond between the two of you.

As the years pass and you grow up together you will share many experiences both good and bad. You may not agree on everything. In fact you absolutely most certainly won't. There will be tantrums, arguments, and worse. But there will always be a bond.

You will share laughs and tears and form lasting memories together. You will be there to provide encouragement when it's called for, and comfort when it's needed. You will take turns feeding and walking and hugging the family dog. You will take on the boys in the neighborhood and stand up for one another when they tease, as they most certainly will. (Because they're boys. That's why. Besides, even though it might sound yucky right now, there's a good chance you'll grow up to love one someday. Trust me on this) They may not see the bond. But you will.

And when you go through difficult times, when you feel most alone in a great big world, there will still be someone who knows you almost better than anyone else, and who will be there for you. Just as you will always be there for them.

That's sisterhood. Welcome to the sorority.

P.S. When you come right down to it, sisterhood is really much like brotherhood, but with a lot less baseball and football.



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