The Living Room War The story of the Vietnam War

Values and Beliefs of Those in the Vietnam War

A lot of values and beliefs that were around during the Vietnam war were expressed though protests. Many signs in these protests said things such as "Make Love, Not War," "Bring troops home!" and "End the war now." There was also the Black Panther Party for self defense. They encourages attacks on white racism.

Tactics of the Vietnam War

  • Guerrilla warfare
  • --- Sabotage
  • --- Hit and run
  • --- Surprise attacks
  • Booby traps
  • --- Explosive tripwires
  • --- Putting venomous snakes in weapon caches
  • Vietcong disguised themselves as Vietnamese civilians
  • --- They went into Vietnamese villages and acted like Vietnamese citizens, then they surrounded and killed soldiers
  • Agent Orange
  • --- The U.S. used this defoliant to get rid of leaf coverage so copters could see the terrain. The chemical agent had many deadly side effects when it touched skin, though.
  • Camouflage for the green/brown surroundings
  • Mortar Cannons


The biggest problems on our Homefront were crazy amounts of protests and riots, and a ton on racial tension.



This poster was put up my the US civilians so they could show that they truly didn't want to be in the war

Also, leaflets were handed out about racism in the war such as:


U.S. vs. O'Brian (draft card burning) was the biggest protest to take place during the Vietnamese war.

In this picture, the man is burning his draft card


This war was witnessed by thousands of people in their living rooms. While the soldiers were over in Vietnam, they would record and narrate what was happening.


Though there was a huge factory boom to make weapons and materials for the soldiers over seas, the US ended up in a very large debt because of all the materials we had bought.

Government/Foreign Policy

The United State's foreign policy was saying that as long as the South Vietnamese forces could defend themselves, we would continue to fight with them.

The Draft

  • Draft dodgers (People who kept moving around so they could avoid being drafted)
  • Usually took place with men in their 30's, but there was a large boom of 19 year old's serving too.
The above picture is an example of a draft card

Foreign Roles

In this war, the US was there to help the Southern Vietnamese fight for their land.

Reintegration into society

Many soldiers when they got back from this war, were, at most, given a pat on the back, then they were put right back to what they were doing. No one really had a great appreciation for what they did because we withdrew from the war.


The purpose of the Vietnam war was to help the South Vietnamese fight for their land and to push back the North Vietnamese and their communist regime and ways.

Race Equality

The was the time where there was the most blacks in the armed forces at once

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