Palm Sunday March Newsletter for Missionary Jana Inglehart

The celebration of Palm Sunday in the Dominican Republic is not significantly different from celebrations in churches where I have worshiped in other parts of the world. This morning, church members gathered with quite a number of missionaries, a half mile or so from the church. Accompanied by the vicar playing a guitar, we made our way to the church, waving palm branches and singing hymns.

We did encounter one small problem. As we gathered it was noted that we forgot to bring the palm branches. No problem. Palm trees are everywhere here. One of the members simply snapped a large palm branch off of her tree for us to use.
This was our Palm Sunday.

Work Continues

My work of full time language study continues through the month of May. That being said, the work I have been called here to do has also begun. My predecessor will be exiting the scene on May 1st, so I need to be up to speed on everything by then. Mornings are filled with Spanish study in the classroom, while afternoons are spent in my office, learning all about my position as Regional Communications Specialist. Evenings and early mornings are for Spanish homework and memorizing projects, personnel, plans and upcoming events for each of the 22 countries we serve in Latin America and the Caribbean.

My days are packed with learning, but I do have some opportunities for fun as well. Recently on a trip to Fun Times Language Institute, from my cab I saw the interesting scene on the left below. Then I got to the school and part of the cultural lesson for the day was a short introduction to local dance.

The days here are filled with interesting things.

The photo below is my view from a concho, which is my favorite mode of travel here.

Please Pray for Me

  • That I would continue to learn to speak the language, so that I can communicate with the people I meet and interact with on a daily basis.
  • That God would protect me from all harm and danger
  • That I would have opportunity to share the Gospel with many

Please Pray for our Latin American Missions

  • That God would work mightily through the missionaries He has sent
  • That God would raise up men to be pastors and to serve faithfully in churches
  • That God would bless the work being done to prepare the seminary for the fall opening here in the Dominican Republic.

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