SHARING AWARD Empowering underserved communities


Apply or nominate a leader for the Sharing Award!

Are you or someone you know committed to sharing your talents, resources, time or heart to build a better world for people in underserved communities? Apply or nominate them for this award. The Sharing Award supports individuals and organizations that address challenges faced by underserved communities, in order to build overall accepting communities, recognition of people's humanity, value of hard work, paths to dignified work and respect for cultural differences, religious ideals and political beliefs.


In these uncertain times, our global community shares a common goal: navigating what has become a new reality. In a world already confronted by severe challenges, a new threat has emerged: the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this moment, though any single person or group may be limited in what they can offer, it remains our responsibility to share what we do have with those experiencing the greatest hardship. Underserved communities understand this responsibility well. Amidst hardship and suffering, they share. In underserved communities and on the road, when people are hungry, they share their food. When people are hurting, they share aid. When people are in need, they share what they have.

This is why we have teamed up with a network of migrant-owned organizations and change-making partners to establish The Sharing Award. This award represents a step forward, a show of solidarity with our underserved communities, and a way to honor and extend a tradition of sharing.


The Sharing Award is the result of a partnership between Humanity Helping Sudan, 734 Coffee, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship and One Journey Festival. It was inspired by the generosity of The Tides Foundation following the spotlight placed on HHSP by the refugee-focused film THE GOOD LIE, and the advocacy of its award-winning producers, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Karen Kehela Sherwood and Molly Smith. The purpose of the award is to support innovative individuals and organizations that work on refugee sustainability, social inclusion and diversity in order to build communities that welcome refugees, recognize their humanity, value their hard work, offer them a path to dignified work and have respect for their cultural differences, religious ideals and political beliefs.

The Sharing Award winner will receive a complete Vision Development Package to help them realize their innovative idea or project. This is how your vision can become reality. Two runner-up finalists will receive mentoring and networking opportunities, and all finali

Refugee Campus Relief

As part of this project, HHSP and 734 Coffee are collaborating with Sudanese artist Emmanuel Jal to raise a fund that directly supports refugees that are part of or have previously participated in the 734 Refugee Campus Program. This program sponsors Sudanese refugee leaders and change makers by providing them with education scholarships to institutions in various countries throughout East Africa.


  1. Launch Award Application: June 1 (World Refugee Month)
  2. June 20 - Reminder - Request for Applications (World Refugee Day)
  3. November 20 - Application Deadline
  4. January 1 - 1st Round Applicants - shortlist finalized
  5. January 3 - 1st Round Applicants - shortlist published (100)
  6. January15 - 2nd Round Applicants - shortlist finalized
  7. January 17 - 2nd Round Applicants - shortlist published (50)
  8. January 31 - Finalist Round Applicants - shortlist finalized
  9. February 1 - Finalist Round Applicants - shortlist published (20)
  10. February 2 - The Sharing Award Finalists announced & published (3)


The Sharing Award Winner (individual or organization) will be awarded our prestigious Vision Development Package:

A cash prize of US $5,000,

Acceptance to the world renowned Atlas Corps Fellowship,

Invitation to attend the exclusive Nexus Global Youth Summit, a global community founded to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship, where the most innovative social entrepreneurs gather to discover new ideas and collaborate on world changing projects (choose to attend in New York or Washington, DC).

1st Runner Up will be awarded:

3 Months of business mentoring support through the highly regarded Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Jumpstart accelerator program.

Invitation to attend the exclusive Nexus Youth Summit, a global community founded to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship, where the most innovative social entrepreneurs gather to discover new ideas and collaborate on world changing projects (choose to attend in New York or Washington, DC).

Applications will be reviewed by a select committee from Ashoka.

2nd Runner Up will be awarded:

Invitation to attend the exclusive 2021 Nexus Youth Summit.

Applications will be reviewed by a select committee from Ashoka.

All Award-winning finalists(20):

Thanks to an innovative co-review partnership with Unfunded List, all of the Finalist applications will also be independently reviewed by their experienced evaluation committee. Each finalist will receive a helpful and candid feedback regardless of whether or not they win.

Special Nomination(7)

Additionally, 7 applicants will also be nominated to receive an Ashoka review.


Do you or your organization qualify?

Individuals and organizations that submit a project to the competition need to fulfill each and every one of the following criteria to be deemed eligible:

  • Individuals and organizations must have fully developed conceptual ideas or existing projects that focus on tackling challenges faced by migrants and refugees. Examples include projects in the areas of: entrepreneurship, job opportunity, education, leadership development, capacity building, interfaith dialogue, integration, developing welcoming communities and civic engagement.
  • Applicants must have a valid mailing address where postal mail can be shipped.
  • Applicants must have a bank account (eligible financial institution account) in the name of the organization or individual (special circumstances will be considered).


How are the The Sharing Award winner and runner-ups selected?

Shortlisted projects will be evaluated against a comprehensive set of criteria. These criteria include three main categories:


  • Relevance – is the project appropriate for the targeted audience (migrants and refugees)?
  • Quality – undertakes an in-depth analysis of problems/issues and sets a consistent intervention strategy.
  • Clarity – sets clear objectives and draws a logical connection between activities, outputs and outcomes.


  • Organizational structure – Is capable of achieving the goals set in the project.
  • Refugee commitment – Has proven interest and commitment in working on refugee issues.
  • Equality – Is committed to equality and diversity policies within their organization and on their project.


Application – Complete full application.

Application Review - Review will be conducted in two rounds by judges.

Applicants Contacted - All applicants will receive notice of their status once updated, per round.

Communication - All applicants will receive notice of their status based on the above timeline.

Final Round Finalists - Will be required to submit a video.


734 Coffee

734 Coffee's mission is simple: make great coffee for the greater good. We advocate for refugees & social justice.

Tide Foundation

Tides’ vision of a world of shared prosperity and social justice is founded on equality and human rights; a sustainable environment; healthy individuals and communities; and quality education.

Atlas Corps

Atlas Corps is an international network of social sector leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s 21st-century challenges.

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship has accelerated more than 1,000 social enterprises since 2003, leveraging our location in the heart of Silicon Valley and our Jesuit ambition to end poverty and protect the planet. These collectively have improved, transformed, or saved the lives of over 400 million people in 100 countries.

Ashoka; Hello Europe

Ashoka is well known for it's transformative work focused on systemic impact and creating a world where Everyone is a Changemaker. Hello Europe is it's migration initiative, aimed at scaling solutions globally, bridging the gap between policy and social entrepreneurs in the migration space, and changing the narrative around migration.

Nexus Global Summit

NEXUS is a global community founded to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship, where the most innovative social entrepreneurs gather to discover new ideas and collaborate on world changing projects (choose to attend in New York or Washington, DC).

One Journey

One Journey amplifies refugee voices and enhances public awareness of refugee talents and contributions. They strive to build enduring allies for refugees and use cultural and technological tools to facilitate human connections between refugees and their host communities.


The Unfunded List coordinates the review of unfunded proposals, provides candid feedback, and publishes the important proposals to a List. Many Unfunded List honorees have gone on to tremendous growth but everyone receives helpful feedback from us.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub network are one of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale — home to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

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