Students React to New Dress Code Rule

Students are having mixed feelings about the potential new rule about wearing shorts to class that was recently passed by Liberty University’s Student Government Association (SGA).

While some students are excited about the idea of finally getting to wear shorts to class, others could care less and see no purpose in the bill.

Gage Taylor, one of the bill's co-writers, was in favor of the bill because he wanted to wear shorts to class.

“I had written a bill earlier in the year, and it didn’t get through committee,” Freshman Vice President Taylor said. “I really wanted to wear shorts to class so I co-sponsored it.”

Freshman Josh Strohman is a fan of the new dress code rule as long as it contains a few particulars.

“As long as kids don’t wear athletic shorts to class, we can keep it classy,” Strohman said. “I think it’s fine, just don’t look like a scrub.”

However, not all students see a purpose in this new bill. Sophomore Jared Haugen said the bill does not appeal to him.

“I feel like SGA is just trying to pass bills that the students like as opposed to doing something productive,” Haugen said. “It gets students interested in SGA and makes them feel like they’re with the students on these issues.”

Traditionally, Liberty University has been viewed as conservative when it comes to dress code. For example, a few years ago students still had to wear collared shirts to class.

Listed below are a few of the specifics that the new dress code rule includes.

  • For men: shorts must be no shorter than 5" above the knee
  • For women: shorts must be fingertip length
  • For all: shorts must be casual and non-athletic

Haugen thinks that this bill could cause Liberty to step farther and farther away from being a conservative and classy institution.

“What is this also going to cause?” Haugen said. “Are we going to be a more casual school as opposed to business professional?”

Both Strohman and Haugen said they would wear shorts to class if the legislation passes through administration. However, both see other areas of need in the school.

When asked what they would like to see legislation on next, Haugen mentioned he wants changes to curfew and Strohman said he would like to see the school of divinity have a better say in the office of spiritual development.

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Broadcast Script

A new rule that would allow students to wear shoes to class and convocation is currently awaiting approval by Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr// This new rule would allow students to wear casual/ non-athletic shorts to class and convocation// If approved the bill could be put into place as early as next fall// Bills like this have been proposed for the last several semesters but this is the farthest a shorts bill has ever gone// Currently students are only allowed to wear shorts outside of class and after 4 p.m. in academic buildings//

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