Top 10 Video Games of 2017 on the PS4 By Gaege mathis

10. Grand Theft Auto 5

This game is about a crazy person, an ex-bank robber and a hustler get together to do random crimes.

The Evil Within

This game is similar to outlast. This game is about a dude who has to escape his own mind game from an evil spirit.

Outlast 2

This game could give you a heart attack. This game contains jump scares and a lot of action.

Mirrors Edge

this game is a parkour game and it shows how you could use it against enemies in the action packed levels.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 can be replayed and it has a good multiplayer online service .

Little Big Planet 3

Its not only fun, it takes avery long time to finish. the game is difficult and is very developed.


people from ages 7 to 20 are playing this popular franchise of building/survival game.


this game is a mixture of call of duty and halo, so you rarely run out of missions. This game is challenging and entertaining


In this game you are a master thief and you usually have to save the world.


Injustice shows any hero and villain of DC. The entire game is mainly just combat.

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