Midterm Portfolio Malik Richardson

Describe: This was an original image of me suspended in the air and also converted to be 3-D. The pose is me crossing my legs in a mediation like way. The image is comprised of the me floating above the grass and the school in the background of the image.

Analyze: The composition of the image has all types of colors and lots of lines especially if you pay attention to the grass. In the photo my body gives it a sense of balance when the background is a little of and not so equal.

Interpret: I chose this position due too me deciding that I wanted to do a mediation pose for the floating project we did. Overall though the result turned out well and even the 3-D aspect of the image pops out right at you.

Evaluate: I believe overall this Image was successful in my book because of the skill of me editing this. I did this by having two layers; one with me sitting in a chair and the other of the background of this image so i could erase the chair with a photo mask to float.

Describe: This is an image of me taking a picture in-front of the sun with a black and white filter over it. I have a very intimidating / serious look on my face. The sun is beaming right next to my face to give it that mysterious and shadowy feel.

Analyze: There is a lot of value in this image specifically with the shadows on my face due to the sun being in the composition. The image also being black and white also helps give the image more value and intensity in the entire composition.

Interpret: This image conveys a very intimidating feeling due to the harsh and serious feeling that the viewer would feel. It also give a epic feel and a felling of awe with the sun shinning in my face.

Evaluate: I took this one of the first days in this semester to experiment with VSCO the first time in class. I chose this pose just because i thought the sun beaming near my head would come to make a great and mysterious shot for my first time utilizing VSCO. This photo was taken very eventually to be honest. I didn't know about what the image would look like in the end but it looks very good over all.

Describe: This image was of me being invisible. I was standing in a very weird position like I was about to just take off running and jumping off the picnic table. The school was in the background of the image.

Analyze: This image shows lots of movement and emphasis on my invisible body. The pose I was in gives the illusion of movement like i was running or moving fast. The emphasis was mainly on my body which was in the middle of the composition.

This was tribute to John Kviar and his invisible people art. I chose this pose in the image to mimic John Kviar's art pieces of his invisible people. In his pieces he says that this inside of a person remains invisible and shadowed in mystery than whats on the out side of that person.

I edited this image in adobe Photoshop. I made this image the same way i did my floating picture of me, one picture of the background and picture of me with the background. Then align the photos together and then I created a photo mask to erase my body parts to give you the image you see now. I believe this image overall was very successful do to my masterful editing skills in Photoshop and me putting the effort to make a good replica of John's art.

Describe: This image has a whole lot of legs all over the place in the lower part of it. They are also sitting on a bench that looks relatively normal. They also have multiple views of there face and body layered over each other.

Analyze: The colors in this image widely vary. The persons leggings give a sort of rhythm, pattern, and movement due to them being in multiple angles and positions

Interpret: I feel that the image shows the creativity and abstractness of the individual. It give you a feeling of complexity but yet simple in how it is portrayed. This image if not one all the side of this person and how different and interesting they are.

Evaluate: I feel that this image was well edited and the individual pictures that were taken were very precise in what the creator was wanting. Overall the image was a very successful and interesting piece due to the way the image was pieced together just like a very big and strange puzzle.

Describe: i noticed multiple Polaroid picture frames aligned to make an image. The people in the image are doing a high-five. Both the people in the image look very happy and joyful.

Analyze: The composition is comprised of lots of shape and movement. The Polaroid pictures give the viewer a path to follow and it is pleasing to the eye.

Interpret: The feeling of joy is expressed through this image do to both people in the image looking happy. The Image also conveys a very scattered and separated feel to it due to the Polaroid picture splitting it up but they are still brought back together since they are overlapping each other.

Evaluate: I believe this image was an overall success due to the wonderful arrangement of the Polaroids in the image. The image flows well and give the composition a sense of unity and togetherness.

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