Quarter 4 Goals Avari Alcaire

Target #1- An hour of homework

An hour of Homework would be a good goal for me because there will be loads of work in high school and I can boost my overall grade. I can achieve this by setting aside time to do my homework. I also can eliminate any distractions that would hinder me and go to a comfortable place to do my homework. By doing these things, I can get into a good habit.

TArget #2- talking to my teachers

Recently in science we have a substitute that is does not give out clear directions and has a bad attitude towards the students. My goal for this quarter is to make amends with her and some what help her with no strife. I think this will be important for me to do because I will eventually encounter other people like this. I can achieve this goal by talking to her. By doing these I will be able to build my confidants to talking to other people and my relationship with the teacher.


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