Keeping Creativity In Schools Loudoun County School Board Cuts Art Program

Loudoun County School board decided in order to focus on a core class curriculum the arts program would no longer fit into the school day.

However, many students are gifted with different styles of creativity. Each student should be given the chance to exercise these skills in a school setting.

A fundamental part of education is the opportunity to explore learning in a different way.

Students should be given the chance to explore career paths in the art field.

By cutting the arts program students are being taught to learn inside the box, and are missing out on the skills not taught in common core.
Providing An after-school art program is a way to increase academic success while still providing the same opportunities as an in class curriculum.

The after-school arts program creates a sense of mentorship that helps students effectively explore and accurately maintain the skills taught in an in-school curriculum

It will give creativity back to the schools and the students. Allowing for the same creative opportunities as in-school classes

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