Shakespeare's Life By. SYdni Garcia, Period. 3

Thesis: Shakespeare was an amazing play writer and producer, he produced his main plays in the globe theater, all while his lifestyle was hard and painful, but luckily it payed off in the end.


Quote- "Since the mid-1900’s, however, most collections of Shakespeare’s works have included it, bringing the total number of plays to 38.(Lander 100)"

Commentary- Shakespeare brought us 38 plays to remember forever. But he didn't do it alone he had the help of John Fletcher. Because of this scholars where unsure what Shakespeare did and didn't write. Several of the plays that Shakespeare did not write were still played in the First Folio.

Commentary- In this quote I wonder what else Shakespeare has done but never told the world before he was gone. With only 38 plays in the Fist Folio imagine what could could be doing at this point in time.

Plays 2:

Quote- "With the possible exception of a short passage from Sir Thomas More, no manuscripts in Shakespeare’s handwriting exist.(Lander 98)"

Commentary- Shakespeare had many play, play-writes and more. He did so much when he was alive. But there are no more of his original handwritten plays nor playwrights. They even put handwritten plays into a machine to find out if it was written in his timezone. Sadly there were none, except for the short passage Sir Thomas More.

Commentary- I believe that Shakespeare had many more play and playwright to share with the world. I think that he destroyed they before he died so that no one will copy any of his original work say that it is theirs.

Plays 3:

Quote- "The 36 plays in the First Folio form the basis of what has become known as Shakespeare’s canon (accepted complete works). (Lander 99)"

Commentary- Shakespeare successfully completed 36 play of his own in the First Folio. Although some would say that not all the plays were only by Shakespeare and that he had help it is yet isn't true. He had a collaboration with some people so he didn't have help they wrote it together.

Commentary- With all of the completed work from Shakespeare I am sure that there is more that haven't been completed but is almost there. Even of there is no more original content I know that Shakespeare influenced many other soon to be playwrights.


Quote- "Shakespeare owned a modest percentage of the theater and its operations.(Seidel 1)"

Commentary- Shakespeare was one of the first play-writers to produce one of his plays in the Globe Theater.He later produced more and more plays their until he finally owned a percentage of the Theater.

Commentary- If Shakespeare was alive today he would probably own the entire Globe Theater. Also, I think that he owned part of the Globe Theater because he got the most audiences for his plays.


Quote- "In 1613, the Globe burned down.(Seidel 2)"

Commentary- When the Globe Theater burned down in 1613 it was rebuilt and reopened one year later in 1614. Then yet again in 1642 it was shut down the torn down in 1644. The Theater was completed again in 1996 and officially opened in 1997. It is still open till this day.

Commentary- I believe that with all of the Globe Theaters constant shutting down it must have been hard for Shakespeare to produce more plays in his main theater.


Quote- "Since Shakespeare's time "the planks" (the stage) have undergone various changes(Anderson 779)."

Commentary- Back in Shakespeare time the Globe Theater was one f the biggest theater in his area. It was small yet big for them. Now a days the Theater areas has grew lager. For example they now have a bigger stage and there is no outer stage, but there is a large curtain that block the stage from the audience.

Commentary- I am sure that id Shakespeare saw what his Theater look like today he would be very pleased with it. Especially because the stage has been standard for over a hundred years.


Quote- "At the age of eighteen, he married (Anderson 777)..."

Commentary- Shakespeare married Anna Hathaway who was eight years older than him. They had three children and two of them were twins. He lived in Stratford his whole life up until his last two children we born. He later then moved leaving his family in Stratford.

Commentary- This leaves me thinking if Shakespeare even wanted to get married or even have a family. I Think that all he really wanted to do was to follow his dream.

Lifestyle 2:

Quote- "We know that several years later, by 1592, Shakespeare had already become an actor and playwright (Anderson 777)."

Commentary- Shakespeare left several year later after his second and third children were born (twins). One of the earliest plays that Shakespeare wrote was probably Romeo and Juliet and it was between 1596 and 1612.

Commentary- I never realized how long it would take Shakespeare to write a play. It really shows how professional and compassionate he feels about his work. especially since he practically did this his whole life.

Lifestyle 3:

Quote- "Shakespeare retired and returned to Stratford c.1613. He undoubtedly enjoyed a comfortable living throughout his career and in retirement, although he was never a wealthy man(Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 3)."

Commentary- When Shakespeare returned to hid childhood home did still did not go back to his family. After he retired he lived a low life. He also still wrote playwrights when he retired to keep him busy. He did leave us some poems and playwrights after he died.

Commentary- You would think that after Shakespeare retired he would have a lot of money because he owned parts of theaters and he make many, many plays.But he still wasn't wealthy even when he was retired.

Lifestyle 4:

Quote- "Shakespeare’s sudden death at the age of 52( Ravilious 4)."

Commentary- Shakespeare died a death that no one expected. He did not have a disease nor was he sick. He just died of natural causes. Also, he died at a young age, which back then was common but now a days not so much.

Commentary- It is so sad that one on the most influential man in the world died so young out of the blue. Just think of what else he could have done to influence the world if he lived even longer than the age of 52.


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