Your gift does make a difference - November 2018 -

Living in developed countries, such as the United States, we’re often sheltered from diseases that plagued us in previous eras. Yet, oftentimes these same diseases can surface in different parts of our world.

Papua New Guinea has been fortunate to have not had a case of polio for almost two decades. However, in June of this year, a nine-year old child from Enga province was diagnosed with the disease and passed away days later. Since her passing, 17 other children across PNG have been diagnosed with Polio, including an additional eight suspected cases in the area we serve in.

The solution, according to the PNG government, will be dependent upon a nationwide immunization effort to stop this outbreak. It wasn’t long after I heard about this in the PNG news that I received a call from the East Sepik Rural Health Coordinator. He was requesting urgent assistance from Samaritan Aviation to partner with a team from the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority. I communicated that we would be more than happy to provide assistance in their efforts. In just a few days, we were able to help fly in enough vaccines for their team to administer the lifesaving medicine to over 60,000 kids, ages 15 and younger, living in the remote villages in our province. What a privilege it is to be part of the solution to this outbreak.

Your giving has allowed us to respond to several epidemics and outbreaks, as well as almost 1,000 critical medical emergencies since 2010. We couldn’t have responded without your support.

Thanks for your partnership with Samaritan Aviation, which allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those without hope or access.

God bless,

Mark Palm

There is a direct connection between your decision to give and our ability to reach and save lives!

When you make a donation, your gift helps…

  • pay for the fuel to fly vaccines that save thousands of lives.
  • pay for the expensive aviation maintenance required to keep our floatplanes in flight.
  • spread God’s love! Many now have a growing relationship with Jesus, their Savior.

Because of your generosity, nearly 1,000 critical patients have been flown to Boram Hospital to receive medical treatment. In addition, thousands of lives have been saved due to rapidly curtailing outbreaks of deadly diseases such as Cholera and Polio.

Donations can be mailed to Samaritan Aviation at PO Box 20697, Mesa, AZ 85277

To save on postage, you can donate online by credit card or bank account by going to:

We are proud of how we spend your sacrificial gift! In 2017, donations to SA were spent as follows:

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