Origins of Rome

Location Lication Location.

Rome is all about location. Geography always plays an important role in the rise of villages, hamlets and cities. People settle and live in the places that work best for them. Rome is an excellent example of this rule.

At a bend on the Tiber River in central Italy, some people started several small villages. They are agricultural villages. People live in each villageĀ and farm the land around them.

Their location makes them a natural trading center.. These villages are on a river. The river is deep enough that boats can go up and down it it provides water to drink and for crops. The bend provides a perfect place for boats to pull up to the shore.

This location on the Tiber put the villages halfway between northern Italy and southern Italy. Being on the west side of Italy meant the villages are away from direct Greek interference. Location, location, location. .

It takes some time for the villages to turn into the beginnings of a trading center. The trading center takes advantage of the seven hills at the bend in the Tiber. Why are hills important for ancient cities? Think back. Why did the Mycenians build their palaces on top of hills. Why do Greek poleis have Acropolis atop a hil in the center of the city?

Look again at the map above. See the small natural harbor? How do you think that natural feature helps the villages grow into a powerful city?

The Romans have two great myths connected to the start of Rome.

The first myth tells of a Trojan Prince. He escapes the destroyed Troy with his family, carrying his father on his back. They sail away going west. At first, he lands in Carthage. There, queen Dido trees to keep him and turn him into her next husband. He escapes. Queen Dido declares she will get him and his descendants.

Next, he goes to Italy. There Prince Aenead settles along the banks of the Tiber. His decendents will found Rime.

The second myth talks of a young princess who has twin boy. Their father is Mars, the Roman god of war. Gods don't make good parents nahe is forced to get rid of her sons. They are left out to die. But a she wolf, a female wolf, finds the boys. The she wolf provides the boys with milk so they live. They grow up to be an astounding and terrifying pair named Romulus and Remus.

They found the city of Rome building its first walls. As they build the walls, they get into a fight. Romulus kills his twin Remus. Left alone, Romulus becomes the first king of Rome after inviting people around him to move into his new city.

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