John "The Tory" Randolph By: Ethan Katzke

This is a lead line. A lead line is made out of lead. It's use is to see how deep the water is so the captain would know how far away to dock so that he did not get stuck. This was brought to Jamestown by the Europerans.
This is a Powhaten house. It's use is to house people and supplies such as furs and feathers.
This is called a tinsmith. When I went into the tinsmith I smelled tin and I saw tin. The kinds of items that they sell there are tin cans, musket balls, and pots. As my persona I would not buy any of this stuff because it was used to support the patriots.
One of my favorite things to do here in Williamsberg is to head down to the Governor's Palace with my wife and talk about some politics.
This is my favorite room in the whole entire Palace. This room signifies military power by showing off several weapons. The reason that this room is displayed here is that so everyone can see it.

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