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Mia grew up without a good example of true, lasting love. She had written it off as something that would never be part of her young life and focused on her career as a wedding photographer. She loved capturing other people’s love stories and she was good at it. Then she met Marcus—he is older than her, he doesn't play stupid games like so many guys her age, and the way he loves his daughters…these are just a few of the reasons she fell hard and fast for him.

Marcus never imagined he would become a widower so young in his life, especially with two little girls. Now he has to figure out life without his soulmate. But for his girls, he would do whatever it takes, even if it means leaving his hometown, friends and family, to make them happy. With the support of his late wife’s parents (a conservative family, her father a preacher), he focused on work and his girls, and figured love was not in the cards for him again. Until he met Mia. She is beautiful, the kind of sexy he never thought he’d be attracted to—so full of life and so much younger than him. He never figured he’d fall for another woman again, especially this hard and fast.

Will Mia’s lack of trust in love, and Marcus’ conservative beliefs keep them from a chance at love, or will they get out of their own way and realize they’re made for each other?

Let me Introduce Lexi Aidyn, my new Contemporary romance pen name!

I have some exciting news to share today! I have been working on a special writing project recently, which includes a new pen name and my debut contemporary romance novel. Crazy, right? Who knew?

My pen name as an author is Lexi Aidyn, and most of my releases will be in serial format. My first release, Candid, the first part of series, which will tell the stories of people struggling with cultural stereotypes and contradictions of society while falling in love...because we can always choose who we fall in love with, right?

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About the Author

Writing her debut contemporary romance novel under the pen name of Lexi Aidyn, Nydia Pastoriza is a graphic designer by trade. She’s been helping other indie authors with marketing and design for several years and has been designing for large companies for ten years.

Fulfilling a childhood dream, Nydia will be publishing her first novel, Candid, in the fall of 2017.

She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two kids. When she’s not writing or designing, she spends her free time reading, listening to music, and spending time with her family and friends.

To find out more about her design work you can visit or


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