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Issue 1: Fall 2016

A Career Technical Education is a tremendous option for students looking to get a jumpstart on college and their career path. Today's Career Tech offers students the opportunity to gain vital skills, earn college credits through dual enrollment, gain industry credentials, and prepare for jobs that are in high demand. Whether students are looking to enter their career right out of high school, obtain an associate's degree or attend a four-year college, Career Tech may be the education that fits their plan and sends them on a path towards success.

SWCSD Career Tech Statistics

The four-year graduation rate applies to the Class of 2015 who graduated within four years, i.e. students who entered the 9th grade in 2012 and graduated by 2015. SWCSD Career Tech has a 1.1% higher four-year graduation rate than the rest of the state and boasts a 2.8% higher rate than the average of eleven other area career technical schools.
South-Western City School District Career Tech programs and students far outperform other area career technical schools in both Dual Enrollment and Industry Credentials earned upon graduation. The District has an outstanding 85.1% of students earning dual enrollment credit along with 37.4% earning industry credentials.

Former Culinary Arts Student Krissi Brown Seeing Great Success as a Sous Chef with Rusty Bucket

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, former Culinary Arts student Krissi Brown revisited her old classroom to speak with current culinary students and share her story. Krissi is a 2012 graduate of the program where she flourished into what she is today.

During her time in the Culinary Arts program, Krissi participated in ProStart where she worked with a Rusty Bucket chef, who interviewed five students for a position at their Dublin, Ohio restaurant. Krissi was ecstatic when she found out she was hired for the position. Through the company, she has since grown and is now the Sous Chef in charge of the kitchen at the Rusty Bucket, Clintonville location.

Krissi was chosen to assist in opening two new restaurants, seeing an empty building transform into a thriving establishment. One of the restaurants she opened was in Florida, where the company sent her on a three-week, all expense paid trip to complete the job. This was the first time Krissi had ever been on a plane. She is proud of her hard work and accomplishments and at twenty-two is earning a salary of more than $40,000 a year.

Career Tech: Shaping Students Towards Success

Bailey Moore, a 2014 graduate of the automotive program at the South-Western Career Academy, is currently working full-time at Hugh White Honda. Bailey has worked his way up from an entry-level Technician to new car and accessories inspections. “I believe in a Career Tech education! I never thought that two years out of high school I would be earning as much as I do now. Career Tech really set me up with the skills and knowledge I needed to be successful," stated Bailey.

Kayley Daw, a 2016 South-Western Career Academy Award of Excellence winner and a graduate of the automotive program, is also currently working full-time at Hugh White Honda. She is also attending Columbus State Community College, where she is enrolled in the Honda Work Study Program in the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology course. “The automotive program is an excellent way to learn more about business and industry and the teachers are great," said Kayley.

SWCSD Career Tech Welcomes Two New Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs as network systems and information security professionals are expected to grow by 53 percent through 2018!

The SWCSD Cyber Security Program provides students with the following skills necessary to be successful in the career field:

  • The ability to recognize and prevent cyber threats to controlling physical security system devices through Marcraft's Cyber Security Essentials program/simulation
  • Industrial Control Systems Networking & Network Design Process
  • Troubleshooting
  • IT Security Principles and Methods
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Computer & Mobile Applications
  • Network Security & Design Methods
  • Security Management & Analysis
  • Incident Response

Students can earn up to 30 college credits through the Cyber Security program's partnership with Franklin University!

According to The American Health Information Management Association, Health Information Management is defined as the practice of acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care. HIM professionals combine the skills of medical, business, and computer foundations to handle electronic medical records and deliver quality service to healthcare facilities and their patients while utilizing the latest in technology.

The numbers above reflect a 17% increase in positions held in HIM over a ten-year span, well above the average of all other occupations.

The SWCSD Health Information Program provides students with the following skills necessary to be successful in the career field:

  • Health information management
  • Medical terminology
  • Electronic health records
  • Computer Applications
  • Health Informatics
  • Coding
  • Legal principals
  • Data analysis
  • Opportunity to earn college credit & industry credentials.


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