helen of troy By: Isabela Duran

At Peleus and Thetis's wedding, which was organized by Zeus, Eris, the goddess of strife and discord, was not invited, which angered her. On her way out she dropped a golden apple with the words, "to the fairest of them all" engraved on it, in hopes to cause chaos at the wedding. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite demanded the apple out of vanity, and Zeus tried to calm them down by asking Paris, the prince of troy, to make a judgement of who is truly "the fairest of them all". Paris chose Aphrodite after she offered many gifts to him, including the most beautiful girl in the world, Helen.Paris accepted the offer, and for this reason, Paris then abducted Helen and took her to Troy. When Helen's husband Menelaus realized what had happened, he asked his men to help bring his wife back. This is how the Trojan war began.

One of Helen's character traits was her charm. A good amount of admirers sought her hand in marriage and fought for her.

"She was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the known world."

Helen seemed very well known, popular. She was the reason a ten year war was fought. Many people recognized her as this quote says,

"the face that launched a thousand ships".
Helen of Troy

THEME: The character trait in Helen that the ancient Greeks valued is beauty.

"I think helen of troy must have been pretty hot. she got two countries going crazy for 10 years over her" (Colin quinn).

Discussion statement: Helen was the most beautiful women in ancient Greek mythology.


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