About Me! Megan quinan

My name is Megan Quinan and I'm from Commack, New York. Coming to Clemson was probably one of the best decisions I've made; I absolutely love it here. The fact that it's 75 degrees in January is amazing because it's pretty cold up in New York. The picture below definitely describes how happy I am to be here. My parents wanted me to go to a state school, but they knew my heart was set on Clemson so they surprised me with these balloons and donuts. I was so happy, I cried!

I played soccer and lacrosse my whole life. I'm number 9 in the white in the picture above. I miss sports so much but I've gotten involved in intramural soccer so far. The rush of playing in a game is indescribable and I wish I could play one last time.
Here are my sisters, Meredith and Grace. Meredith (aka Meri) is 16 years old and my absolute best friend. When I'm home from school, we have sleepovers every night and watch Vampire Diaries together. Grace is 10 years old and also one of my best friends. She is the cutest thing ever but throws some pretty nasty temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way. Nonetheless, I love them so much and I'm so lucky to have them in my life because I seriously would not know what to do without them.
These are my best friends from school. From left to right, it's Julia, me, Elesabeth, and Shannon. I met Shannon at orientation on line to get into Hendrix and we've been close ever since. Julia is Shannon's roommate, so naturally we became close as well. I met Elesabeth when we were rushing. We all ended up choosing Delta Zeta and it was the best thing for us because now we do everything together and have made so many other amazing friends. It's nice having such a close group of girls already; I feel like I've known them my whole life.
Last but not least, this is Buzz! He's a Boxer Shepard mix and the cutest thing ever. His name is Buzz because another family with 2 little boys had him for a year before they realized their dad was allergic, so, we figured he's named after Buzz Lightyear. We call him Grace's dog because they're inseparable. He sleeps on her bed every night and Grace always runs over to Buzz first as soon as she comes home from school. He's so well behaved, and the only time he ever picks up anything he's not supposed to, it's just because he wants attention. As soon as we run over to him, he drops it. I love Buzz so much and really any dog in general. I picture myself in 10 years with a couple dogs running around my house.

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