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My name is Lydia Murray. I am 11 years old. I go to James H. Brown Elementary School. I am in the fifth grade. I have 5 siblings, with me being the youngest. My motto is "achieve the dream." This is my motto because so many people have dreams, but don’t make them happen. I plan to make my dream come true.

My career choice is to become a veterinarian. The type of work I will be doing is helping animals and making sure there okay. I don’t think this is a challenging field to get into because I've loved animals all my life and I want to help them stay healthy. The average salary for a vet is 53, 210. I want to do this because I love animals and hate to see them hurt. I will impact the community by becoming a vet because animals are going to stay healthy and have puppies, so it can keep the ecosystem balanced. Three dislikes are having to put animals down, having to see animals hurt, and having to deal with abusive owners. Three likes are seeing animals, helping animals, and seeing animals happy.

Some personal characteristics I need to acquire is to start liking science and help out in vet shops to get experience. The education I need to achieve my goal is a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and a Doctoral or professional degree. The colleges I'm interested in are North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine and University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. One of them are away in NC. It did play a role in my decision because I want to be in the city where I was born, but I want to be closer to my mom to help her out.

The campus for North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine is great they allow students to have free time to do more research. They also allow students to do more studying. The reputation to the school as it relates to graduating is The Comparative Biomedical Sciences program is the largest College-based graduate program. Comprised of approximately 100 faculty and teaching in six concentration areas. The school cost $38,146 for tuition and fees after 4 years.

I chose animals for my vision board. I chose animals because I want to become a vet and save animals lives when I grow up. I chose this because I hate seeing animals on the street. I don’t like when people abuse. So I chose to help them in the future.

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