Purpose-Driven Design

Weekly Sunday Announcements

The Design Team's weekly commitment is to design and create each new Sunday announcement. These graphics are shown on Sundays and are used on our website and app. The goal of each design is to drive people to action, whether that's to sign up for a class, register for Oikos, or simply attend an event!

Here are a few examples of announcements from 2019:

Sermon Series

Each sermon series is accompanied by a graphic that conveys the essence and heart of the series.

"Growing Up" tree watercolor by Jessica Y.

Print Collateral

Though not frequently, the team also designs printed collateral for various ministry requests.

Here are a few examples from 2019:

Sa-Rang Community Church 2019 Theme Phone Wallpaper Campaign

SRCC kicked off 2019 with the theme, "Becoming Like Jesus - 153", a campaign geared towards challenging the church to become more like Jesus in our daily habits. This was reflected in the numbers 1, 5, 3:

  • 1 act of kindness
  • 5 intercessory prayers
  • 3 chapters of the Bible

Our designers created a variety of phone wallpapers to encourage members to keep a constant reminder of the 153 exhortation with them, on the device they carry around and look at the most.

Pictured 153 design by Tiffany H.

Join the Team!

We’re always looking for talented content creators! If you are skilled in, currently learning, or even just a hobbyist of digital design (web, graphic, illustration, video, etc.) and are interested in creating content for HolyWave, please contact Sally Kim at sallykim11@gmail.com.


Created with an image by Autumn Studio - "untitled image"

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