The Impossible Knife of Memory Laurie Halse Anderson

Overall this book takes place in a city/town in the United States. Based on the overall location it makes me imagine the character living in a small quiet town far a way from the big cities.

Some specific locations would be at the characters house where her father is always is, drinking, inviting other military men, punching holes, in the wall, etc. Another location would be at school where the character faces detention, teachers and people she hates.

This book is takes place during the modern times (2000's). This time period makes me understand her situation more. I feel like I can understand the characters situation better because it is written in the characters perspective of the world today, rather then 50 years ago hwere I might understand her situation and perspective as much.

In this book it feels like the days are kind of sunny, with not a lot of rain. I imagine a small suburban town with not a lot of high rises, buildings. From my imagination I picture the town as kind of a dingy odd town.

The population seems small from the characters voice. In the characters point of view she feels like she's surrounded by people who are out to get her.

Some objects that time stamp this story is modern technology. During the book people use smart phones to call and text people.

In the characters point of view the atmosphere is haunting, stressful to her because she has a lot of worries about her father, she doesn't know her mother, she hates her step mother, the teachers and people at school. She feels that people are out to get her.

The setting effects the story because it it explains some of the social pressures that the character goes through, and some personal concerns and worries in the modern times. This makes young readers be able to connect to the character. The setting also makes it easier to picture and makes the story sound more realistic.


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