Here's what's happening... a KORG USA MARKETING NEWSLETTER JULY 20 2018

“I'm currently touring with Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters & I love this machine and its ease of operation.The sounds are authentic and fits nicely with the theme we are going for!” - Teddy "Zigzag" Andreadis

Our very own Jack Hotop was interviewed by Electronic Musician to talk about the world of sound design!

We had quite a few reviews hit this week as well:

Premier Guitar reviewed the new Blackstar Unity U 500:

Sweetwater on the new AC30S1:

Mixdown review of the AC30S1:

Andertons tested out the new KORG D1:

Below are two great new videos on the Waldorf Streichfett:

The first is an “all playing, no talking” format loaded with sound examples that showcase the lush, signature string sounds the Streichfett can produce:

The second is a tutorial video with positioning, explanations of the sound engine and workflow, and similar sound examples:


“The Korg Grandstage is a powerful master keyboard in a surprisingly compact and light package. Its controls are laid out simply and intuitively, making it easy for even first time users to find their way around the board. No more visual overload or confusion even when navigating more complicated patch changes. The inclusion of many of Korg’s incredible sound engines is where the true power of the Grandstage shines through, turning the heads of sound engineers and guitarists alike. It’s piano and electromechanical models really punch through a live mix with a clarity and realism I haven’t found in any other keyboard in its price range. Korg has really found an incredible balance between form and sound quality with the Grandstage. It’s what makes it the ideal centerpiece for any live keyboard rig.” -Derry deBorja (Keyboardist – Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit)

Below are the newest ads for the Spector Bantam4 and Blackstar Unity series.



Last but not least, our Brew Music event at Asbury Park took place last Thursday and it was a huge success!

We’ll share a quick video soon, but you can check out the album here:

A huge thank you to Beatrice, John Stippell, Nick Kwas and Ari for helping us out! Nick S shot some great footage that will be ready in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend. :)-JL

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