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Sierra Leone was founded on March 11, 1792 by a British organization for freed American slaves. There were about 1192 slaves transferred from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone. This is how Sierra Leone was started.

The capital of Sierra Leone

The capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown

The coordinates of Freetown are 8.465°N 13.2317°W

This is Sierra Leone's , well in our words Supreme Court.

This is parliament hall. This is where all government officials come together to make decisions.

Countries that border Sierra Leone

Guinea and Liberia are the two countries that borders Sierra Leone

Bodies of water found near Sierra Leone

Sewa, Taia,Rokel, Moa these are the 4 Major rivers in Sierra Leone. The Atlantic Ocean is right outside of Sierra Leone

Climates of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has a Tropical session

It has a dry season

And in the winter is has a heavy rain session

The landform of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's landform is very bumpy. There are many plain flat lands good for farming and some swampy area. It's largest mountain is Mt. Loma standing at 6,391 ft or 1,948 Meters

Natural resources found in Sierra Leone

Iron is one of the main natural resources mind from Sierra Leone

Gold is scarce but you can sometimes find it in Sierra Leone

Diamonds are the main source of mining in Sierra Leone. This is what caused the diamond war.

Bauxitile is mined a lot and is one of the main economic cash crops for Sierra Leone

Rutile is one of the main things mined in Sierra Leone

Cultures found in Sierra Leone

The Loko People are commonly found In the northern Provence of Sierra Leone. They are the most peaceful tribe in the Sierra Leone.

The Temne are a tribe full of rice farmers,Kola nuts farmer and hunters. They are the tribe that developed a hierarchy status

The Mende people are a tribe made up of hunters and farmers. This tribe is full of famous people. Like of the men who helped Sierra Leone's independence, Dr. Alpha. Maya Angelou the great poet.

Religious groups found

Islamic makes up about 60% of the religious groups in Sierra Leone. They believe in Muhammad the god and speak in Arabic

Christianity makes up about 10% of the religious groups in Sierra Leone. They believe in Jesus Christ the savior

Animist make up 30%of the religious groups in Sierra Leone. They believe that animate objects have a soul.

Customs of Sierra Leone

It is common tradition in Sierra Leone to eat rice everyday. A funny saying they say " if I haven't had rice , I haven't eaten today "

It is very common to have chief leader among their villages.

Traditionally people come together and dance to local folk style music.

Government system

Sierra Leone has a unitary system. This is were the central system gives how much ever power it wants to its delegates.

Crops grown in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone grows a lot of rice. In 2010 they grew over 1062 tons of rice

Sierra Leone isn't very prominent in sweet potato growing but they grew 187 tons in 2010

Sierra Leone grows a lot of cassava. They grew over 4474 tons.

Jobs found in Sierra Leone

Farming is a common job in Sierra. It makes up about it 58%

Mining is a prominent job in Sierra Leone. You don't make much money but they do it for the little bit they can.

Tourism is a fun job that over 8000 Sierra Leone residents have.

Endangered species

The only real endangered species is the hippopotamus. They're going extinct due to the loss of habitat. They are carnivores and they can't eat if their home is being ripped from Beneath them.

Environmental problems

One of the main environmental problems Sierra Leone faces is the fact that they do a lot of deforestation. This is hindering there economic growth rate.

Education in Sierra Leone

School in Sierra Leone was founded on the western basis in the 1800's. Since then it has stuck with them. School is not legally required of you. In 2005 a fee on education was abolished.

This is the remains of a school from during the civil war.

Even though school is now free in Sierra Leone you must past the NPSE. This is like our Istep. But they must pass this test to graduate into secondary school. Both boys and girls are allowed to go to school but women are often forced home while men go to school. The literacy rate is still extremely low but people ages 15-20 have a higher literacy rate.

Population and Density

The population of Sierra Leone is 6.09Million.

80.06 is Sierra Leone's population density.

How large is Sierra Leone ?

Sierra Leone is approximately 27,699 Square miles

GPA per capita

Sierra Leone's GDP Per capitia is only 678.96 dollars.

Life expectancy for males and females

The life expectancy for a male is 45.8 years. For the female it is 46.2 years.

The literacy rate of Sierra Leone

The literacy rate in Sierr Leone is 48.1%

Climate zone

Sierra Leone lies in the tropical wet climate of the world

Goods that are imported and exported

Sierra Leone exports a lot of fish each year

Diamonds are their main export.

Coffee is another main export that hella bring revenue to the country.

Imported goods from Sierra Leone

Machinery is a big import to Sierra Leone. The machinery helps make jobs easier

Gasoline is a import also. The machinery needs something to be fueled with.

Food. They only grow rice. They have a wide variety of food like we do. So they get theirs imported.

Flag history and description

This flag doesn't have much history except it was adopted on April 27 1960. The green represents Agriculture, The white represents justice, and the blue represents Freetown harbor.

Sierra Leone's independence

This man here is Sir Milton Margai. He led Sierra Leone to the independence from Great Britain. Soon after Sierra Leone became its own country and elected Sir Milton as its first prime minister.

Technology used in Sierra Leone

This is a fiber optic. Sierra Leone just imported this in to use to help with construction

This is another piece of big machinery used to help during construction.

Sierra Leone is becoming more tech savvy with cellphones.

Transportation for Sierra Leone

Many citizens get around by using mini scooters or cargo bikes

They use transportation truck like vans to work with and get around.

They uselly walk or they use a car.

Current events in Sierra Leone

One of the main events in Sierra Leone is the fact that they just got over Ebola. Their population decreased rapidly after the out break. But things have smoothed over since 2014.


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