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In life, it is important to embrace growing up, even if one does not think they are ready. As said before, “Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.”― Erol Ozan. To many people it is a hard concept to wrap their heads around of why citizens have the propel to lower the age limit on driving. Since many states are still at the traditional age of 16 to drive, the majority of the population is grudging to lower the age. The South Dakota Department of Public Safety has voiced, "Early evaluations show a definite effectiveness in a graduated licensing system. California has seen a 5 percent reduction in teen crashes and Oregon has seen a 16 percent reduction in crashes for male drivers.” Citizens have never given this topic their full attention with an open mind, however it is time to realize that lowering the receival age of a driver's license will be implementing more good than harm. Overhanging the age limit on inheriting a driver’s license to the age of 14, not only in South Dakota, but via all, may be hair-raising toward many. If given this opportunity to young adults, this decision will potentially create an easier and safer life, not only for the drivers, nevertheless, the populace on the road as well.

As impossible as it sounds, empowering 14 year olds to drive will enhance themselves as students. These young adults would now be able to drive themselves to school. This virtually will formulate more time for kids to sleep in, there for getting more sleep than if they were to wake up for the school bus. Studies show, teens need exactly 9 and ¼ hours of sleep, but without that sleep, teens cannot function properly. If students were able to get their full amount of sleep, they will not only receive better grades in school, but in turn perform to their full potential in extra curricular activities. When students arrive home earlier after school, they can proceed forth on their homework. This, in turn, leads to more sleep that every teen requires. In the end, this will result in overall active listening and participation in class. On the other hand, people may question if teens are mature enough to get behind the wheel at the age of 14. When a child turns 14, if they feel that they are pressured, they can delay this process until they are prepared. Not everyone would be compelled to drive once they immediately turn 14. According to South Dakota’s law, 14 year olds are allowed to get their instruction permit. Then teens are able to conceive their Restricted minor's permit: eligible after holding their instruction permit for 180 days. This would be minimized to 90 days if the child passes an approved Driver's Ed course.

Not only is this proposition benefitting how adolescents perform in school, but also improves confidence in minors. One way to privilege the young adults to become more mature and dependent would be to let them get behind the wheel. It is every young kids dream to drive. If this law would take effect for all of the United States and not only South Dakota, teens would be more prepared for the future. If they start by taking baby steps now by learning how to operate an automobile, by the time they are an adult, their parents wouldn’t stress. In fact these teens would have two years prior experience behind the wheel. Many parents are too over protective when it comes to letting their children drive. After all, if the parents/ guardians aren’t comfortable letting their kids drive, they are indeed the ones who taught them at the source. Correspondingly, it is time to put the odds in prospective. Each and every single parent has that “what if” thought racing through their head. “What if my child gets into an accident?” “What if my child is responsible for the accident?” Parents need to learn how to not confuse a lack of control for danger. Due to the fact of no adult present in the car, does not mean the driver will fall victim to a crash.

Moreover, giving the freedom to young teens to let them drive comes with great responsibility, which is an amazing concept to learn. It is never too young to start learning responsibilities and securing their priorities. Getting a permit and eventually a licence is a precise time for learning. This is the perfect time for parents to get involved in their child's life to inform them that driving is more than going to a friends house, or football games. For example, for inexperienced drivers, having to pay for( even learning how to pump) gas is a good stepping stone towards learning their responsibilities of becoming a driver. Beyond that, drivers will have to note how the process of insurance works, which is also ushered by vehicle maintenance. This is taken into account with oil changes, buying new tires, and washing the vehicle. The accomplished driver education process itself is a good way to teach young adults the three main areas that will become a greater responsibility. Teens will learn how to manage official documents such as their drivers licence and registration. Furthermore, they will learn scheduling and time management. This will come accessible when teens need to necessitate their brink on commuting. Also, young adults need to learn that there are certainly other human lives involved every time they get behind the wheel. Every time they turn the key, their life, as well as others, can be affected by their actions. On the other hand, people are concerned assuming their own lives are at risk, if young kids, specifically the age of 14, are driving. Again, these teens will be supervised by their parents when they initially learn how to drive, just as if they were 16 years old. These parents will comfort the teens as they are driving. When parents are in the car, the driver will be relaxed and placid. This will reduce chances of car accidents. This would be an exceptional time for parents to enforce any bad habits the driver may possess to break them. Once their bad habits are broken, parents can encourage reputable habits such as not having the radio too loud, looking both ways before pulling out, and stopping completely at stop signs. All in all, children portray after their parents.

Ultimately, people of the united states should accept the idea of lowering the age limit on acquiring a driver's license into consideration. This would encounter everyday lives immensely. This decision will award teens the opportunity they never had of becoming better students, uplifting their confidence, and teaching them with great capability appears with immense responsibilities. After all, teens need more confidence in their life. Researchers have discovered that teens go through an era labeled “ Loss of Voice.” Children's self esteem plummets as they grow older. As parents, looking out for their children is the top priority. They should aspire to help their children get their confidence back up. If they were to drive at the age 14, teens would confront reduced self confidence and sunken self esteem. Instead, 14 year olds should be enjoying life. " As a teenager, you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you."

Fran Lebowitz --- Submitted by Cyril T., Age 17 --- South Africa


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