Albert Einstein by mike hurst

In 1915, Einstein started giving lectures about his new theory, known as the General Theory of Relativity. General Theory of Relativity is based on the notion that gravity and acceleration are indistinguishable and describes gravity as a property of geometry of space-time continuum.

A year later, Einstein published a paper introducing a new notion into his General Theory of Relativity, and spent the next few years traveling around Europe giving lectures

Einstein was desperate to come with a unified theory, a theory that would refute all claims of Quantum Theory. He went so far, that he published a paper which attracted huge media attention, but he was forced to admit massive errors, and he lost a lot of credibility.

Einstein is also well known for refuting the public system. he was once stated saying," I hate exams, one had to cram all the into one's mind whether he liked it or not." Einstein hated school, and even dropped out of high school.

Einstein was a great scientists, and helped contribute to many modern day advances. Albert Einstein is the most famous German-American scientists, and many technologies would not exist today with out Einstein's advances in science.


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