What's Your Story? DEfining your personal brand & leveraging career opportunities

Brand Vs. Brand

*Estimated that there will be approximately 2.77 billion social media users around the globe by 2019.

What makes you unique? How are you telling that to the world?

What are you doing to leverage the platform/skills/strengths that you have?

"Social media is your personal microphone" - Whitney Holtzman

Understanding the Psychology of Each Social Platform

Twitter = Conversations. True social Network, Delivering Information (news)

LinkedIn = Professional networking & content sharing, recruiting

Facebook = Personal blog, interests and events.

Instagram = Your story in picture & video form.


Career Fairs, Networking, and Interviews

Source of instant practice reps and feedback

Quick Stats:

*On average, recruiters begin evaluating applicants 8 months in advance for internships.

**87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check candidates.

**44% of recent grads found it difficult or extremely difficult to find a job.

**Referrals are 5x more effective than all other sources of hiring.

*99.2% of employers deem critical thinking/problem solving as "essential" for new hires.

(sources: NACE, JobVite 2017, Glassdoor)

Networking Activity

  • Employer / Applicant Role Play
  • 1 minute elevator pitch & switch

Active Listening Activity

  • Employer / Applicant Role Play
  • 1 minute experience pitch / follow up question & switch

Expanding Your Definition of a Career

App Developer / UX Designer

Data Analytics (Statisticians)

Cyber Security

Social Media Marketing / Brand Development

If you understand "consumer behavior" you will always have a job.

What story are you telling? How are you telling that to the world?

"The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he is one who asks the right questions". - Claude Levi-Strauss


Dream - Focus less on what your doing, but rather WHO YOU need to become to do it. Who do you need to become to handle what you’re dreaming?

Excellence - Don’t worry about where you’re at right now, build a standard of excellence to do the very best with what you have.

Create - If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?

Intention - Be specific, the more specific the dream the greater the...

Direction - What path do I need to map out to make my dreams a reality? Who can I get in contact with that has done or is doing what I want to do?

Execute - What can I do TODAY to get one step closer to my dreams?

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