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When people smoke cigarettes near me I am appalled. I hold my breath and hurry away, wondering if they know what they are doing to their body. I wonder if they know that every cigarette reduces their life span by 11 minutes. When I see the kids at c-wall I think, and I question if they are in high school like I am. I feel as if there is no course of action to stop them or anyone from smoking cigarettes.

I don't know why they start but I know why they can't stop, addiction. Tobacco is deadly, addictive, and destructive. It provides no possible positives to the user only to the government and retailer. They are destroying the country we live in.

Cigarettes are the cause of the number one preventable death in America. That means that smoking kills the most people, but could be prevented. The prevention is not smoking. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention more than 480,000 people die each year from smoking cigarettes, and another 41,000 from second hand smoking. That means an estimated 1,300 people die everyday from tobacco. This is a huge problem that is preventable. Cigarettes started off with no warnings, big advertisements on tv, and they were presumed safe. Now they have no warnings, no advertisements on television, and are proven lethal. So that raises the question, why are they legal?

480,000 Americans die every, that's 1,315 deaths a day, 55 every hour, and one person dies every minute

One word, money. What is the biggest motivator of today's world? Money, people need money in our society to thrive and survive, it leads people to do things that would otherwise be looked down upon. For example, illegal immigrants work countless jobs and hours just to provide money to their family back home. They cross the border and risk their lives because they need money to escape corruption for money. In our world cigarettes are a symbol of greed and corruption; there is no benefit to society from smoking cigarettes. They lead to all sorts of cancers and illnesses, and absolutely no pros! But the big tobacco companies won't let them go away. They need their money.

258 billion cigarettes were sold last year (2016)

Cigarettes just happen to be a large part of our economy. So one of the reasons people are saying it is still legal is to keep our economy alive.

With the government taxing cigarettes more and more each year it racks in a lot of money for them, in 2016 around 258 billion cigarettes were sold according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The cost of smoking is over $300 billion due to lack of productivity or medical care. If this is not a problem to you I don't know what is. Cigarettes are destroying America! One what he government has tried to curb usage has been taxing cigarettes to reduce the amount of people using them, and although it has been working(in 2016 there was a 2.5% decrease in amount of cigarettes sold compared to 2015) it is still very alarming.

We all know by now that cigarettes are lethal, but this raises the question of, what makes them lethal?

Over 599 different ingredients have been found in tobacco

The main ingredient is tobacco, tobacco is a nicotine rich plant that is smoked. Often in cigarettes and cigars. To smoke them they are cured and rolled into the proper paper. Smoking tobacco is directly related to lung cancer and greatly increases your chances of a heart attack, strokes, COPD and many more illnesses. The smoke that comes from burning tobacco has over 7,000 chemicals, and 70 attribute to cancer. This means tobacco is a carcinogen, a substance that has the capability of influencing cancer upon the user of the substance. That enough should make it illegal. Now we should look at what I think the reasons people are for cigarettes.

Joseph Bast states "people are free to do things both great and foolish so long as they do not conflict with an equal right held by others. He is the president and CEO of the Heartland Institute. He is telling us that people are allowed to harm themselves and do things as they please so long as they don't harm other individuals. But, cigarettes do harm other individuals. Aka second hand smoking.

Second hand smoke is the smoke from people smoking cigarettes, second hand smoke is very dangerous as in it causes heart disease, lung cancer, and strokes. Second hand smoke is especially a large problem in children who have parents that smoke packs on packs of cigarettes daily. For children who are subject to second hand smoking they have ear infections, asthma attacks, respiratory symptoms and infections like sneezing and pneumonia, and a high risk SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome). It is unfathomable that anyone can let a child go through this.

We need to halt production of all cigarettes in the United States. It has created a public health crisis and we are not doing enough about it.

Now that I've given my opinion and evidence I would like to hear what you think. Do you believe tobacco should be legal in the United States? Or more specifically cigarettes, should they be allowed to be sold in our country?

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