The Divine: A Play for Me and You January 25, 2017

The Spatial Experience

The Spatial Experience

I grew up going to performances in the Constans Theater, but I hadn't been there since the remodel of the walkway and the theater, so the experience meant more to me than just seeing a mere play. The smaller size of the theater allowed for a more intimate experience with the cast. The fact that even though I was sitting towards the back I was still able to see the facial expressions of the actors which was very cool. Especially because I have been in theaters with 1500+ people where at times it was difficult to even differentiate between actors on the stage.

The Social Experience

This was actually the part that was the most different than I was expecting. As it so happened, most of my friends from high school who attend UF also came to this particular showing of the play. I had intended on just going to the play by myself, but when I found my friends it turned into a much more social experience than what I was expecting.I ended up sitting right next to my really close friend from high school which was very nice. I believe that this made both of our experience better, because we were able to understand how the other was processing the information and were able to explain things that the other may have missed.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The cultural experience was interesting me, because I have visited Quebec which was cool to understand that this was where the play was centered. And how the city itself was a character in and of itself in the play. I saw this represented in the sets and costumes that beautifully represented the city. The use of a strong dichotomy between the lives of the clothes factory workers and the spoiled Sarah Bernhardt I thought was a fascinating juxtaposition and how it is bridged by the playwright attempting to write a play that focused on poor people.

The Emotional Experience

This is the part that is the hardest to put into words, because the play itself did not evoke a very strong emotional response from me, at least in comparison to other plays I have viewed. But it was interesting to look at it through a different light, because after the idea that theater provides a unique experience due to its lack of "censorship". Because the actors could have ad-libbed anything that suited their fancy, and we would be forced to absorb it. While I don't think they did this, I would be extremely curious as to how myself, and the rest of the audience would have reacted if they had.

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