College party in 1992

Frater Jeffrey Harmening joined the Mu Nu Chapter in fall 1992 as the 325th initiated member. He was a Criminal Justice major but left school at the end of his sophomore year to join the Navy. He intended to return to school with the GI bill, but ended up getting married in 1996.

TKE Mu Nu 50th Anniversary RCB

How did you and Beverly meet?

Beverly and I met at the Blackhawk Lake recreational area while I was a Park Ranger there. She caught my interest by inviting me to dinner at her campsite and serving crab legs and steak. Not the usual fare for camping, but who can turn down a meal like that?! We became friends and the rest as they say is history. Our hobbies include camping and International travel when we can find the time.

The Blackhawk Lake recreational area is the same park that Mu Nu Summer Reunion is at. It's kinda fun returning there with TKE and being a customer.

Beverly is currently a memory care specialist at Astor Memory Care in Cottage Grove and is very committed to taking care of all her patients. She has a great sense of compassion for her job and likes to make sure that the families associated with her patients know they are receiving 100% professional and compassionate care.

Beverly is essentially the caregiver for her patients and helps them as much as possible with daily essentials such as getting dressed and working on cognitive skills. These include ways to remember family members.

A little secret on Beverly is that she is a 4th generation Hatfield of the Hatfield/ McCoy feud and a descendant of Robert the Bruce (King of Scots.) Bev's grandmother, Lola Hatfield, was the daughter of Valentine Hatfield who is the eldest brother to Devil Anse Hatfield if anyone is a history nut. Lesson is: don’t piss Bev off, she’s a pretty good shot!

TKE Mu Nu 50th Anniversary RCB

DHS head shot

I was a Federal Officer from 2005 until 2016 with the Dept. of Homeland Security (TSA) where I initially started as an airport screener. I eventually went on there to serve in the intelligence side of counterterrorism and ultimately became a member of the Behavior Analysis Unit specializing in behavioral detection. I was based out of Madison and traveled throughout the nation as needed for special events.

I am currently working at St. Mary's Hospital in downtown Madison with their security department. I am liking the fact that I can count on a steady paycheck with all these threats of government shutdowns.

Dominican Republic Punta Cana Beach in 2010

Do you and Beverly have any kids and grandchildren?

I have two stepsons (Ben and Ian) from Beverly's previous marriage and I have two daughters (Madison and Lauren) from my previous marriage. We have two grandchildren who are 12 (Silas) and 2 (Emery).

USS Nimitz Flight Deck in 1995

What did you do in the Navy after leaving Platteville?

Since I have been out of school, I was in the Navy from 1994 until 1997 and served proudly aboard the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf. I worked on the flight deck as an Aviation Boatswains mate.

TKE Mu Nu Composite 1992-93

Why did you decide to join TKE?

I joined TKE because I saw more than a Fraternity. I saw a group of men that had more of a family bond and more to offer than other fraternities. TKE was also doing great things like philanthropy and working with St. Jude's. I also like what TKE stood for in our charity, love and esteem practices.

Playa Del Carmen

Do you and Beverly have any favorite memories from your travels together? Are there any places you still plan to visit?

A special trip memory for me while visiting Mexico was meeting two members of the band Depeche Mode. I had to pry it out of them by asking Dave Gahan several times if he was the lead singer. He denied it until I pointed out his tattoos that were unmistakable.

He asked me if I could keep it quiet and not announce who they were. He was there with Martin Gore another core member for “holiday”.

Beverly and I were there with some friends that were great catamaran sailors so we took Dave out for a sail. He had a great time and the waves were huge that day. We had an even better time on shore after several cocktails. That was certainly a week to remember. Great guys and very personable.

Beverly and I would like to visit as many places in the Caribbean as possible. I would like to visit St Lucia or Jamaica next.

Ian's Wedding in 2017

When you made the switch to the intelligence side of counter-terrorism, what was your role in behavioral detection? What does a person do more specifically?

While I was an Intelligence Officer my main job was to gather, analyze and interpret data received from several different agencies and sources. I would review the data and identify any interrelationships and make a risk or threat assessment. These were based on complete, incomplete or conflicting information pertaining to the information gathered. While performing these duties and responding to critical security incidents I applied supervisory skills and leadership to minimize the loss of property or life. Any incidents outside of the normal standard were referred by me to the appropriate staff or agency for resolution.

My job as a Behavior Detection Officer was to observe, and engage the public to determine whether individuals may be involved in suspected criminal or terrorist activities. This was done by establishing a baseline. The baseline included understanding the anticipated composition of people associated with modes of travel, the behaviors that were to be expected within those modes and recognize any deviations from those behaviors.

I would assess multiple individuals simultaneously by using my specialized training and using specific guidelines established by my agency to detect unusual behavior. Any encounters with individuals that deviated from that which I established were interviewed and analyzed against their responses and those specified guidelines. This prevented bias or profiling. The information I gathered could then be used to help determine if the individual was suspected to be involved in a criminal or terroristic act.

I was also involved in writing reports and forwarding those reports to the proper authorities as warranted. I assisted in joint operations with multiple law enforcement agencies to include Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigations and Dept. of Homeland Security (TSA) K-9 service, who could not operate without a Behavior Detection Officer.


TKE Mu Nu Summer Reunion 2018
  1. Pacific or Atlantic? Pacific
  2. Yosemite or Yellowstone? Yosemite
  3. American or United Airlines? United
  4. Steak or chicken? Steak
  5. Flip or flop? Flip
  6. Miller or Bud? Miller
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Jeffery and Beverly Harmening

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