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HIMSS17: Review the themes and explore applications.

1. Opioid Epidemic

REVIEW: The opioid epidemic is on everyone's mind -- from President Trump, who mentioned the devastating toll of drug addiction in a recent speech, to HIMSS sessions and general discussions. At HIMSS, speakers focused on how EPCS state mandates and state prescription drug monitoring programs can begin to address opioid addiction. Electronic prescribing with PDMP access can streamline these two workflows into one, offering providers, hospitals, and vendors a simplified solution to increase patient safety and to ensure compliance with emerging state policies.

APPLY: As state EPCS with PDMP regulations continue to emerge, providers and vendors can prepare for compliance before it is mandated. Experts recommend exploring vendors with the capacity to seamlessly become part of existing workflows.

2. Patient-Generated Data

REVIEW: In today's digital world, patients are generating their own health data. This trend will continue to develop as additional technologies emerge. Conversations at HIMSS underscored a keen understanding of how this data can positively impact health outcomes. However, experts agree that discussions will continue regarding how to consolidate, validate, and utilize this important data.

APPLY: Brainstorm ways to utilize or access patient--generated data, either through communication via patient portals or secure messaging. Join the conversation by engaging in forums and online communities.

3. Care Collaboration

REVIEW: Many conversations at HIMSS17 surrounded secure messaging as a care collaboration tool. Providers are struggling to streamline communication, with some hospital staff needing to engage in five different platforms to collaborate on patient care. Secure messaging is emerging as a way to create care collaboration networks, within secure platforms familiar to both the provider and the patient.

APPLY: As more and more providers seek secure messaging tools, new vendors will be entering the space. Seek out vendors who are experienced with health care and HIPAA compliance, those who offer tools that can communicate with different products, and vendors who can help providers easily integrate data into existing EMR.

4. Patient Engagement

REVIEW: Study after study has confirmed that patient engagement yields superior health outcomes and providers are ready to act. In fact, a large survey of both providers and patients found that 91% of patients say they need help managing their chronic disease and 75% want their providers to check in with them regularly. At HIMSS, speakers, vendors, and attendees discussed how to further patient engagement using tools like secure messaging, personal medication records, alerts, and emails.

APPLY: A bi-annual patient engagement audit can help hospitals and providers evaluate how well they're reaching their patient population. A patient engagement audit can include a full review of existing tools, patient participation evaluations, and patient surveys. Based on the audit, take action to encourage patient and provider involvement in these important tools. Entities focusing on patient engagement are more likely to reduce their cost of care, increase care quality, and reduce readmissions.

5. Medication Adherence

REVIEW: Though an essential part of treating patient conditions medication adherence rates remain low. Half of patients fail to take medications as prescribed and one in five prescriptions go unfilled. HIMSS conversations focused on how to take advantage of technology and data to improve medication adherence.

APPLY: Only 23% of primary care physicians report addressing medication adherence with their patients. Explore how products like digital personal medication records and patient engagement tools can take the burden off the provider.

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