Annotated Digital Toolbox Applications, software, and resources for Multimodal instruction UCONN FYW

Organization & Course Management

• flipgrid.com – free website for video discussions, good for community building in online courses and for video “discussion boards”

• Google Docs/Slides – collaborative note-taking, documentation & preservation, group collaboration, accessible lesson plans & instructor notes

• Google Forms – survey, anonymous data collection, good for teaching grammar

• hypothes.is – open-source software for annotating pdfs and websites. Seeks to serve as a peer-review function for the entire internet.

• Kahoot! – kahoot.com – game-based learning platform, good for multiple choice quizzes and surveys, accessible through an app or web browser.

• Menti – mentimenter.com – quick anonymous surveys, data visualization, free for instructors and no sign in necessary for students.

• padlet.com – digital post-it notes/bulletin boards

• pinboard.in – tab bookmarking ($11/year)

• slack.com – real time messaging, discussion, and file sharing

• Twitter – live tweeting, class discussion

• vialogues.com – host video discussions, comment on videos, group annotate, and integrate polls

Audio & Video

• Adobe Audition – audio editing

• Adobe Premiere – video editing

• Audacity – audio editing software available on Mac & PC

• filmanalysis.yctl.org – film analysis guide and definitions of key terms

• Youtube – captioning videos, circulation

• youdescribe.org – audio description for Youtube videos

• Imovie – Apple products only, video editing

• kaltura.uconn.edu – audio, screen-capture, and webcam recording, captioning

• Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives – thedaln.org – open-source audio and video content for teaching literacy narratives & circulation opportunity for student work

• screencast-o-matic.com – screen tracking and recording, webcam recording, video editing, usability testing. Free service for recordings shorter than 15 minutes.

• storyboardthat.com – creating storyboards for video assignments

Infographics, Presentations, Website Design, and Other Digital Composition

• Adobe Draw – digital illustration and free-form design

• Adobe Illustrator – graphic design

• Adobe Photoshop – image editor and design

• Adobe Spark – dynamic presentations, infographics, posters, etc.

• biteable.com – animated video maker

• canva.com – infographics, posters, etc.

• Powerpoint – slideshow presentations, infographic design, making memes

• Prezi – dynamic slideshow presentations

• wakelet.com – similar to Storify; save, organize, and present content from the internet (articles, videos, images, tweets, etc.)

• Wix, Weebly, Wordpress – free website design

Mobile Composition

• Canva app – Android & iOS, infographics and other digital design

• Clips app – iOS only, free video editing

• filmoraGo – Android & iOS, create videos using saved snapchats, pictures, social media posts, videos, etc. from your cell phone. Projects are easy to save and upload, making this app a strong candidate for a Digital Literacy Narrative assignment.

• garageband – iOS only, audio editing

• iMovie app – iOS only, video editing

• Magisto – Android & iOS, video/moving presentation editor, template-based with fewer design choices than filmoraGo.

• Notability – iOS only, paid app, organized digital notetaking

• Splice – iOS only, video editor and movie maker

• Standard/default camera apps – short videos and image capturing

• [any app can be used for an activity about the rhetorical choices of app creation and mobile design]

Grammar Instruction

• books.google.com/ngrams – finding data about grammar and usage over time

• corpus.byu.edu – collections of searchable texts for tracking grammatical patterns over time

• Google search bar – predictive text feature can be used as a grammar tool

• micusp.elicorpora.info – Michigan corpus of upper-level student papers, find data on generic conventions of academic writing

• mshang.ca/syntree – good place to draw grammatical sentence trees

• nlp.stanford.edu:8080/parser – good place to parse sentences

• www.ucl.ac.uk/internet-grammar – online grammar guide

• visl.sdu.dk/visl/en – good place to look at tree diagrams

• voyant-tools.org – open-source application for text-mining


• creativecommons.org – public domain database of images, audio files, etc. for student use

• dashboard.wikiedu.org – course dashboard for Wikipedia assignments

• wikipedia.org – medium for teaching information literacy, resource for grammar instruction, platform for circulation

• wiktionary.org – multilingual online dictionary

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