The Life of the Vietnam War JJ Maynell

Values and Beliefs

The Unitded states of america entered The Vietnam war to prevent the spread of communism. The countries main goal is to prevent communism. The War impacted our country because are main goal is to prevent communism.


One of our main tactics was guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare in a nutshell are basically hit and run tactics performed in small groups.


The vietnam war affected the US Economy severely. During this time, a law passed that you could vote at 18. "How Did the Vietnam War Affect America?" The Vietnam War. N.p., 05 May 2016. Web. 27 Apr. 2017.


The draft is a form of US conscription. They collect everyone of draft age and enter them into war without consent. During the Vietnam war, 2/3 of the military volunteered to go in the Vietnam War. the other 2/3 was drafted including other US citizens. This caused a number of protests against the military. This also caused an influence in music. People began to write protest songs, to prevent people from entering the Vietnam war and ending the war totally.


The painted image of Vietnam was, North Vietnam attacked South Vietnam and we Joined due to communism. This has propaganda written all over it. The governments main goal was to eliminate communism. That is the key reason why we joined the Vietnam War. One piece of propaganda was formally discovered by President Eisenhower that the US and South Vietnam were formally making alliances to stop communism. This was called the domino theory.


The economy was affected in numerous ways. The Government's Military spending caused numerous problems. The funds were going overseas, which contributed to an imbalance in the balance of payments. On top of that, factories selling goods had to shift over into making military equipment.

Reintergration back into society

For as long as we all can remember, We have always had trouble bringing veterians back into society. There are thousands of homeless veterans that have failed to be reintergration back into society.

Purpose, Family roles, and race equality

The Purpose of the Vietnam war was an attempt to eliminate communism. We have been waiting for South Vietnam to get attacked so we could. The US military had many African men fighting with white people. There was a civil right movement in the military during Vietnam.

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