Jordan Barber My future: Education

I want to represent my church and my family, I want to be seen as a successful person and a good role model for others.

The college I hope to attend is BYU.

The two BYU locations I am interested in are BYU Provo, and BYU Idaho. During the four years I will be at college, I will be living either on campus in the dorms, or off campus in an apartment.

I don't have any specific area of study I want to go into, but I think I might like something in health sciences or teaching because I like to help people, and I like children.

Requirements for BYU : Live the standards of the LDS Church, attend and graduate from LDS seminary, enroll in quality coursework. Take four years of mathematics, four years of English, two to three years of laboratory science, two years of history or government, two or more years of foreign language, take ACT/SAT in junior year and again the fall of senior year (recommended), get involved with extracurricular activities and keep in mind the cost—save money!

The final application deadline for BYU is about five months after the application is available. For example, if you’re applying for the spring 2017 term, the application is available October 17th, 2016, Therefore, the deadline would be February 1st, 2017. It is smart to take the ACT twice, so I will probably take it my junior and senior year.

I am interested in these colleges because both my parents and my older siblings have/ are attending these schools and so I know a lot about them. I have visited both campuses and think they are very nice. These schools are also LDS church schools, and that is probably the biggest factor for me. This allows me to go on a mission without worrying about school because they work around it, and I am able to be around people that share my standards.

BYU Provo is harder to get into than Idaho, you need a better GPA. Both schools require you to work hard, and follow the rules. For example, you need to obey the Ecclesiastical Endorsement, and complete all the necessary steps listed above.

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