welcome to Arite P.A.C.e (positive attitude changes everything)

the point of my utopia is that their will be no problems with anyone or anything. every one will be kind to each other
these are some rules of this utopia. 1: Must not do war or encourage it. 2: Must treat every one right 3: Must have a job 4: must have maximum of 4 children 5: Must not take drugs 6: no cufue 7: Their will be no internet. 8: If you brake 2 rules you die 9: Must not make fun of other people.
location: my location takes place in a village in the forest it will be a small village with not a lot of people but any one can join
daily schedule: You wake up. Then you go to school for 2 hours. You come home and then you go to your job. then you have lunch. Then you go back to work. Then you do your daily exercises. then you have dinner. then you have some time to relax. then you go to bed.
their will be 1 president serving for 1 year. and can be kicked out by majoridy of community


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