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Encounter: A Sophomore Evening of Recollection

By Sam Ferrara '19

On Thursday, March 23rd, over 220 sophomores gathered in the AAC for Encounter: A Sophomore Evening of Recollection. Over the course of the night the students competed with their homerooms in games of European Handball, including a competitive tournament. After it all, Homeroom 2F were on top. Thanks to the help of students in the culinary club, all of the students who attended the evening were fed well. Then came the most important part of the night, where everyone was gathered in Hearst Auditorium for a special service.

The Students started the night off with the Handball games and tournament, a way for them to compete and release their energy before coming together for a prayer service. Students from all homerooms participated between two courts during the first set of games. After the earliest round of games, the homerooms were seeded by their record and a bracket was created for a tournament. Then, one larger court was made and the students worked their hardest in hope to win it all with their homeroom. After multiple rounds of the tournament, Homeroom 2F won it all. Every student had fun during the games and had fun with their friends and teachers.

The night of recollection was called "Encounter" because it focused about each person's special encounter with Jesus in their lives. Many religious people believe they have had an encounter with Jesus during their life, and it has drawn them closer to the faith. An example of this would be the story Mr. Garofalo, a biology teacher, told the students on Thursday night. He explained to them how he once experienced a woman's water break while getting a regular checkup for pregnancy. He then proceeded to tell the students how although frozen in fear at first, he was able to help this woman. Mr. Garofalo also told them about the strength of this pregnant woman, who said she would walk half of a mile to the hospital rather than take a cab. He explained to these sophomores, many of them who he taught biology to during the day, how this encounter with not only such a strong woman but with Jesus brought him closer to his faith.

A Special Thanks goes out to Mr. Robert Pomponio, who set up the whole night for the students, Mr. Salvatore Garofalo, who was able to speak to the students during the recollection, Mr. Michael Foley, who led most of the prayer service, and the rest of the staff who helped make Encounter a great time for all of the young men who went.

Spring Sports Start Up

By Nick Biondo '19

Spring sports are underway here at Chaminade. Some of the sports offered in the spring are baseball, lacrosse, spring crew, golf, tennis, spring track and volleyball. Obviously lacrosse is the most popular spring sport, but nearly everyone at Chaminade is doing something during the springtime, whether playing an actual sport to being involved in a club. Here is an outline of some sports and a breakdown of their respective records.

Lacrosse: The Varsity Lacrosse is among one of the top teams in the nation headed by a number of players committed to playing lacrosse in college. Some schools include Duke, Cornell, Navy, Virginia, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and a number of other top universities. The JV lacrosse team is off to a 2-0 start with victories over Iona prep and Kellenberg and many others soon to come. The Freshman lacrosse team is off to an 2-0-1 start with a win over Kellenberg an overtime loss against Delbarton and a win over Saint Anthony's.

Baseball: The Varsity and JV baseball teams have not had an official game yet, but will soon have their season openers against St. Doms starting on Tuesday (April 4th). The Varsity team had a number of scrimmages and are looking to make their final touches to their starting roster. Both teams are looking strong and should have championship hope seasons. The Freshman baseball team started 2-0 in league play with both wins coming against Holy Trinity. They are looking hopeful to follow the now JV team in winning a CHSAA baseball championship.

Spring crew: Many of the crew members were training during the winter to be ready for the upcoming season in the spring. All three teams are looking to go to states and nationals where they will face some of the top teams across the country later on this season.

Spring track: Headed by Mr. Beirne and Mr. Hayes, the spring track team looks forward to a big season. Some members of the team express their opinion on the upcoming season. Steven Santel '19, says, “I am very excited for the season.” Tommy Moran ‘19 says, "I'm ready for the upcoming season and I'm looking forward to having a super fun time."

Volleyball, golf, and tennis: All three of these sports have been prepared for the season and are all looking for quality seasons especially Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Golf, and Varsity A Tennis.

JV Baseball Starts Off the 2017 Season

By Jack Sullivan '19

Last Monday, March 20, the new JV baseball players were relieved of any anxiety they had built up over the last two weeks of tryouts. The final roster was completed and 22 sophomores began their journey for a championship as members of the Chaminade Junior Varsity baseball team.

The team began a long week of practice, even when the weather did not cooperate. They practiced here in the small gym, the Mitchell Field Athletic Complex bubble, or at Cantiague Park. The team put in many hours of fielding, hitting, and running. The boys also came closer as a unit and developed chemistry throughout the week. All of these factors would be tested in the team’s first contest of the year in a scrimmage against Division High School of Levittown.

As the team arrived to Cantiague Park at 8 A.M. on Saturday morning, they were anxious to start playing. They quickly warmed up and patiently waited for the start of the game. They studied their opponents, as the Dragons of Division warmed up during pregame, watching their every move, trying to find strengths and weaknesses in their game. As the game started the Flyers took the field first and starting pitcher Chris Carillo ‘19 worked his way to an easy 1-2-3 first inning. The Flyers came to bat next. Paul Orbon ‘19 led off with an infield single and Spenser Warantz followed with another single. Sadly, the Flyers were unable to produce a run as Division retired the next three Flyers. Carillo continued to pitch well through the third inning, however let up two runs, one in the second and one in the third.

The Flyers offense came back to tie the game at 1 in the second, after Anthony Tramonte walked and made his way around the bases and was sent home on a balk by the pitcher. Brendan Daly ‘19 came in to pitch in the fourth and continued strong into the top of the fifth where he was relieved by Paul Igel ‘19 who also pitched well. Bobby Dahl ‘19 and Paul Orbon also pitched in the final two innings. Dahl let up one more run to the Dragons but was solid otherwise.

The Flyers’ offense was failed to score again in the game, as Division pitching held them in check. Coach Lynch after the game said that the team played well defensively but was sub-par offensively. Coach Dawber was disappointed in the team's enthusiasm towards playing their first game. He was happy with the team's game defensively as well. The JV Flyers were unhappy with themselves because they know that they are great players and can put up a better fight. The team looks to bounce back with a win against Garden City in a scrimmage this Wednesday, and also look forward to taking on St. Dominic’s in Oyster Bay in their first league contest. Good luck to the team as they continue on through the season. Go Flyers!

JV A Lacrosse Season Start Up

By Mike Fiorello '19

The 2017 JV A lacrosse season, headlined by coach Mr. Robert Pomponio and team captain Reilly Gray, will be one to look forward to. After a long 2 week tryout period with 60 candidates, the team was brought down to 50 players. Although only 50 members are dressing for games, a six of the athletes that aren't on the official roster have been named practice players. Also, eleven players who didn't make the team last year have made the official roster, and one freshman has been pulled up. The team's first game is on March 29th at Iona Prep. The JV Flyers play rivals St. Anthony's twice and Kellenberg twice, and the whole team eagerly awaits these games. The long awaited 2017 lacrosse season is here, and with all of the new players, the team will look to continue the legacy they started last year.

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