My Focused Future By: Zen Dalton

I would love to go to space some time.

Its one of the few places left to discover and by far the most beautiful.

I want to live and work alongside AI.

Humans aren't perfect nor efficient. I hope to see our civilization always getting the best.

I want technology to fix my common human flaws and limitations.

I've been call weak many times for many reasons. I hope to see humanity as a whole get stronger through technology and I am certainly ready to help.

I want the option of full life automation.

There is so much tedious work to be done in our daily lives. I hope to one day be able to give this time up to think and do beyond the norm.

I want to meet aliens some day. I don't want us to be alone.

Id love to see the world as one would from the third person. This is the way to do it. I also hope to find more stability and departure from human tendencies to do wrong.

I want to create something I'll be remembered for.

I always want to create yet I'd much rather be much appreciated for my work, not for just the appreciation but for the good and comfort that comes of it.

I want to understand the universe as much as humanly possible.

Reality is an odd, confusing, yet interesting and beautiful thing. i hope to see it all. See what things really are.

I want true and absolute freedom.

I'm always free in my mind. I hope to bring that freedom to the world, no matter how long it takes.

I would especially like to be free of stupidity, error, greed, and ignorance.

These are all nasty things keeping us all from the wonders above.

And a little bit of immortality in one way or another is nice.

I never want to stop thinking, feeling, experiencing, and everything. Life is hard but life is good and I want to keep mine as long as possible.


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