Stock Market Project By: Juliette phelps

Stocks and shares are basically the same thing except that the stocks are ownership certificates of any company, and shares is mostly one company. Dividends are the money that the company give every year to the stockholders. In the world today, the best stock market is AORD, and their last trade was 5,440.50. The second best is SSEC in the Shanghai Composite, which has 3,078.85 as their last trade and just like the AORD, it is also going down. The third best of the world is the HSI, in Hang Seng, which is going up not like the other ones and their most recent trade was 24,099.70. A ticker symbol is a symbol that identifies the traded shares and the store, and it can be identified with letters, objects, or numbers so that each market has a different symbol. Also, a mutual fund is a programme made by shareholders, that trade shares professionally and you can put your money in a fund by buying a share of the fund. The supply and demand, is very easy, it’s just the comparison of how many people want a product, compared to how many products there are. The supply and demand affects the stock markets by telling the prices of the shares, for example if a lot of people ask for something that there isn’t a lot, the price is going to go up, and the inverse if there is a lot of stock for not a lot of people. The cons are for example this term called volatility, and it means that the prices can go up, but can also go down, so it’s not very stable and people can lose a lot. The Pro of investing in a stock market is Abundant choices, which means that there are a lot of choices and it can be a great experience and people can earn a lot of money.

stage 2

I chose Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Whole Foods, British Petroleum, Lululemon, and Nike. My most successful companies are Whole Foods and British Petroleum. The worst company was Lululemon because it was in really far down the negatives, and because it wasn't successful enough, I sold it out and bought 15 more shares from British Petroleum, which at first didn't work out, but near the end, it got positive. Gap was always in the negatives and it didn't work at all. Nike was equal to Gap and so was Abercrombie and Fitch. In the end, I had 2 positive companies, British Petroleum and Whole Foods, and the rest of the companies were still in the negatives. I ended up being 17th out of 45 and I think some of my companies were pretty good. If this project was longer, I would adjust my current portfolio, by buying more shares from British Petroleum in England, and I would also buy more shares from Whole Foods. I would also sell Nike and Gap, and I think my scores would be doing better.

In this Project, my best companies were British Petroleum and Whole Foods, and my worst companies were Nike, Gap, Lululemon, and Abercrombie and Fitch. I think that for my worst companies, Lululemon is going down in real life by 0.99%, so I can understand that when investing in stocks for that company, it won't work very well. It is the same case for all of the other companies, but with different numbers, except for the two companies that were successful. If I was to redo this project, I would buy more shares from British Petroleum and Whole foods, and sell the other ones. I would also try some other companies, just like Samsung or Kinder. In this project, I learnt that investing is a hard topic, and it has to be updated more often. I loved this project because it also pushed me to check it and to be more disciplined. I also learned about myself, and how I planned my ideas. I think this was a great project and it helped me to organize myself and helped me for future lifestyles. Even though I wasn't in the top 10, I still think that I learnt a lot and it was really fun to work on.

I chose Portfolio A, and I think that you should sell ABBV because it has gone from -0.81% to -4.40%. This means that the prices are going down and selling it would get rid of losing money. You should also sell DGX because the percentage went from a positive to a negative. The last one that they should sell JNJ because it became a negative. I also think that you should watch DE, because it's still in the positives, but it has gone from 5.88% to 5.34%. For buying more shares, ALK would be great, because it went up at about 1% in the month, but also WM because it also has gone up. I think it started off really good but then, as the graph shows, it went all down and after that, cought back up a little but not as much as before. Overall, the SPY went down, which is not very good because it means the companies are not doing so well, but the Percentage went up, which means that it in the positives and it doing good. This project is good and if you follow my tips, you will find a way to bring up percentage of SPY and equally the percentage overall of the stocks.

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