Percy Jackson The son of Neptune

Summary: Percy wakes up with no memory of anything. Then a goddess guides him to camp Rome where he trains and finds out that his father is Neptune. Within days of reaching camp Rome Percy is then sent on a quest to free the god of death. With many battles happening Percy finally reaches the god of death and sets him free.

This represents power and water which is what Percy had.

Review- I say read this book ! It is such a great book in fact it's such a great book that you can read this book and be able to never need to find another book ever again. This book has the right amount of hardcore battling and in depth messages. This book is also not that hard to read minus the Greek names of certain creatures and items. In all words just can not describe how highly I rate this book.

When Percy was plunged into the water.


Created with images by Couleur - "wave sea water" • Pezibear - "raspberry toothpick glass" • avocadogirlfriend - "Water" • MartinStr - "air bubbles diving underwater"

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